The Trapped Circle

In Which the Circle Learns About The History of the Vault
Ascending Wood 765: insert witty comment here
3, Mercurysday:

Marilee, Xian Lin, and Hai'li come back from Security with a folder.  On the way they encounter a fae being bouncing a ball, who asks for Hai'li name, but Hai'li says no, because she likes her name.

Feard fixes the panel of the door so it can be opened, Hai'li reads from the journal which tells of the decline of the Vault.  It told the panic when they realized the Great Contagion had followed them in.  The Sworn Kinship who ran the places claimed to have a solution, but the security personel was upset because it wasn't being explained to him.  A cure had been found, but people were degenerating faster than expected and there was no way to open the door.  Part of the journal explained that Abbot Takana was one of the first lost, and hopefully doesn't "come back out."  The icon for "changing seasons" seems to refer to a new facility between the morgue and medical.  The door can only be opened with permission from the Administrator or the Abbot.

While going up to Nightingale and Agriculture, the demogorgon attacked while fighting the ghast horde in agriculture.

It's been about six hours since the sprinkler went off.

In Which the Circle Find the Heart of the Manse
Ascending Wood 765: How do you fix a Manse's broken heart?
3, Mercurysday:

The Circle goes to investigate the corridor leading south and eventually come to an intersection.  The other paths are marked "Lark", "Heart/Soul", and the west path "Nightingale" and "Agriculture."  There was some kind of storage room just past the intersection down Lark.

Feard could barely be stopped from going down "Heart/Soul".  Down the corridor sapphire orbs appeared and shocked Feard and Kazu who were in front, or at least tried to shock Kazu.  Xian Lin, who had a bracelet with a blue gem, was notified of the intruders and managed to tell it to deactivate.  Feard went to investigate the orb, Xian Lin got another warning, and DS dragged Feard back.  (The Neverborn lashed out at him for his efforts.)

Eventually they got to the end of the hall to find a locked door.  "Marilee Floros" managed to put in a passcode for an administrator and the Circle (plus Nezri and Seven) gained access to the heart of the Manse.

In the Heart there was a wood essence laser that kept on trying and failing to fix the crystal icons that represented parts of the manse.  There was also a person-shaped alcove.  Feard tried to fix the laser thing, while Xian Lin went into the alcove to see what it did.  It accepted her as an interface and she discovered she could shut the laser down and view other parts of the manse through the interface.  Feard figured he could sacrifice some of the crystal to try and fix the repair routine.  A new bracelet was found with a green, blue, and a white stone.  In the same drawer was some replacement crystals.

It was also discovered that the laser-thing could spin all around and in doing so broke the panel to exit the room.  He and DS went out to the intersection to check if there was a mirror that could redirect the essence beam, and in the process Xian Lin noticed the dragon mutant thing was doing a good job of sneaking up on the two of them so they went back to the Heart and the dragon thing seemed reluctant to pass by the security.  Xian Lin also discovered that hooking up to the interface subjected the user to Wyld taint.  Eventually it was decided this would be a safer place to camp, so Xian Lin and Marilee Floros decided to sneak back to get their food, and discovered the Heart wouldn't open the door without an interface.

DS manned it since he could resist the Wyld taint and Kazu was still trying to attune to the manse-.  They managed to get to the entrance room without too much trouble.

There were several symbols on the interface: the birds, agriculture, security, medical, "heart", "leadership/command", "changing of seasons/denotes something unpleasant"


While investigating where the camera pointed, between them, Xian Lin and DS discovered:

The bird symbols pointed to the residences:
Lark= the dragon thing was poking at eggs, there were many more broken eggs.

South= Intersection
Agriculture= about 200 ghasts
East= Entrance
North= Unviewable through Wyld taint, probably northern part of main room
"Morgue"= a room with insane writing on the walls "find cure, solve problem"more bodies than beds, and a ghast stabbing the remains of a skull saying "fix it"
unknown symbol= central room
unknown symbol (translated by Xian Lin to contain the radicals "changing of seasons/denotes something unpleasant")=  when DS checked out the camera to that room, it was pitch dark and he could hear whispering.  It was similar, but not quite like, the Whispers of the Neverborn and then the other whispers started arguing with the Neverborn.  The Neverborn first decided that DS wasn't ready to destroy them in their names, then shifted to think that he should try to prove himself to them

In Which Things Decided To Poke Back
Ascending Wood 765: And headshots
3, Mercurysday:

After the spray went off, and the members of the Circle who had protection against the Wyld noticed their defenses triggered even in the spray-free room.  The Wyld ghoul things decided attacking Kazu was the thing to do.  Hai'li, who was hiding in Kazu's pocket, bit and poisoned the ghoul-things. They proved very effective at regenerating until DS decided to stab one in the head, which finally defeated them.

While this was happening, The Eclipse Alternatively Known As Marilee Floros decided to sneak around to see what else was going on, and found a very large creature with horns and not quite human limbs spying on the fight, those it seemed to lose interest and wander off when the fight was over.

Nezri guarded the sorcerer types, Seven was no where to be seen.  Feard failed to cast a spell, fell down the stairs, and threw his gun away.  After the fight he was questioned about his odd behavior and seemed very confused about what was going on.  He also claimed his name was Brigha, which was somewhat concerning.  Then Feard "came back" and was still confused about the battle occuring.

Nezri pointed out that if people were tainted by the Wyld, the Circle would probably have to kill them and wanted to warn the Circle know instead of just having to bring it up then.  Hai'li was very cranky and revealed herself to yell at Nezri.

In Which the Circle Pokes Mysterious Things In The Vault
Ascending Wood 765: Mysterious things don't poke back...yet
2, Moonsday:

Going down the Vault's elevator, a mysterious voice informs us that, if we're here, we're deemed critical to rebuilding the Shogunate after the Great Contagion.  Neat.  The mysterious voice also inform us that Containment Protocal 3 is in effect and that people should remain in residences until its resolved.  Whatever that means.

The voice also calls this place "Yu-shen Vanesh".  

We find a large room with two signs, one is almost illegible but leads to security.   The other leads to the residential areas.  This room also has a bunch of green and gold clothing and bracelets with blue jade charms with a faint aura of Essence.  Most dress up in these to pretend to fit in in case it matters.  The clothes are the colors of a lost House of the Shogunate.

The Circle begins to investigate.  The room is occupied by weirdly dematerialized spirits and a skeleton.  Investigating the skeleton, it was missing its feet and the bones were burnt as if attempting to cauterize a wound.  The person had appeared to be trying to drag themselves after having lost their legs.

Xian Lin poked at a panel which activated red jade orbs that were gathering fire essence as a security system.  She decided to turn it off and go explore the security room.  The room had a barricade in it.  There was evidence 2-3 people were behind it, though only one body was left.  The body was wearing clothing that appeared 100 years out of date, a broken artifact crossbow, and a blue and green jade bracelet, as well as jade steel armor.  

Xian Lin, Feard, and Floros started poking at the records.  All the senior command was housed in "Nightengale" while employees were in "Pheasant".

While this was happening,  there was a very unfriendly sounding noise down stairs.  Later, DS heard 3 noises down the stairs.  They sounded like ghouls, but he couldn't feel anything undead or necrotic or whatever, so Seven decided to investigate.  She saw what appeared to be ghouls, but after DS insisted that they were unlikely be able to hide necrotic essence from him, Kazu mentioned that he heard of something similar happened because of Wyld taint, a mutation that decays without killing,  but it would require something far more concentrated than we were likely to find here.

Poking at what turned out to be some kind of communication device, Xian Lin contacted the other residences.  At Parrotbill there was just movement and growls.

When she tried Swan, she heard a voice trying to teach the ghouls poetry.  Xian Lin introduced herself, and the individual at the otherside couldn't remember their name though it was something like "Mysterious Song" and she(?) was named for her(?) grandmother.  

She mentioned they had found a cure for the Great Contagion, which sprayed some kind of Wyld tainted poison which turned everyone into the ghouls.  She doesn't know why she can still talk and has a mind, though she's still trying to teach the others.  The dragon-blooded occupants seem to have turned into something far scarier, but all the others who came down her died.  Apparently killed by something nasty in Lark. And we couldn't get to her anyways because no one could pass through Medical, which sounded heavily tainted by the Wyld energies.  

The person eventually remembered her name was Mysterious Melody when Xian Lin hung up.  

In the other residences, the com heard 

Lark: a growl and a shrieking whine, similar to what was heard ealier

Pheasant: Static

Nightengale: groaning

The "Cure" was sprayed shortly after Xian Lin hung up, though the sprinklers didn't activate in the opening room.  Containment Protocol 3 was apparently that a side effect for the cure turned people into ghouls and a solution hadn't been found yet.

Kazu put up IPP and went to investigate the spray and brought some back.  DS determined it was some kind of poison base that was infused with Wyld energies.

3, Mercurysday:

The group waited to see when the spray happened since nobody wanted to deal with Wyld taint, determining it seemed to happen everyday at noon.

In Which the Circle Opens the Vault
Ascending Wood 765: Hey look, the Seasons changed
25 Venusday - 1 Sunsday:

Deciding that they weren't actually in a rush, the Circle actually ended up arriving at the doors to the Vault of 1 Sunsday in Ascending Wood.  The Circle interacted with the Wyld Hunt.  Feard couldn't get into the Engine room, Kviik talked about how bright and shiny it was.  The Jade Falcon may have a colony of mice of the sun. Nezri decided that the oath he wanted DS to take in Nexus wasn't convincing enough, so he wanted DS to take another oath with a sorcerer he trusted.  DS wasn't inclined to go along with it.  Kazu was willing to take an oath in DS's place.  Xian Lin tried to make friends with Captain Shi-Renn. Kviik ran off when they landed, DS gave her a skull to work as trappings of death, but she came to the conclusion this made her a priestess.  They examined the doors.

2, Moonsday:

Marilee Floros decided to try knocking on the doors to the vault, but it didn't work.  Neither did a crow bar.  DS suggested Feard use the Eye to change the door into something else.  The door tried to react to fix itself, but Marilee managed to get to the locking mechanism to unlock it, granting access.  The doors tried to close, but DS kept them open as they got supplies in.  Realizing "Erigone" was going in, Nezri jumped in after her and insisted on staying when she refused to leave

In Which the Circle Finishes Up at the Den and Goes to the Vault
Descending Water 765: Rumors all over the place
17, Mercurysday:

The Circle talks about their  plans and what they want to do in preparation for exploring the Vault.  Harmony, Feard, and Hai'li stay at the Den until Harmony finishes his training with Lilith.

18, Venusday - 22, Sunsday:

On the request of Harmony, Xian Lin spreads rumors of Aki's death.

Kazu goes shopping with "Erigone" and the small god of fortunate escapes confronts them about rumors concerning the Darkening Sky kidnapping Harmony and holding him hostage though the Intent family denies such allegations.

Kazu invites the Wyld Hunt to the investigation of the Vault.  They agree in order to keep an eye on the Circle.  The Circle agrees to travel by airship.  Kazu sends a message to Feard saying they should meet at  Great Forks instead of the Vault so Feard has a chance to iexamine the airship.

Kazu also holds some sermons for the Immaculate Faith.

22, Sunsday:

Harmony returns as Floros.  Upon meeting Mom, she orders him to visit Dreamweaver's temple to dispel the rumors about his being kidnapped.  He bring DS along.  Kviik explores the temple and has a chess match with Dreamweaver.

25 Venusday - 27 Jupitersday:

Travelling to the Vault.  Nezri requests we don't try to enter until Ascending Wood.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
Descending Water 765: Was the Beavers Den bigger on the inside....?
9, Moonsday - 10, Mercurysday:

Xian Lin and Hai'li "scout" Nechara.  Which actually means, after looking around the city for a few minutes, they find Feard's family, have tea for a few hours waiting for Rickard to come home from lessons, then Xian Lin sneaks them out.  By way of one Wyvern and one Stormwind Rider, they get his family to Great Forks.  Xian Lin checks in with her second in command and eventually they both leave back to the Beaver's Den.

15, Sunsday:

The previous log lied, because Kazu and Seven actually stopped by Great Forks, Kazu to invest his bounty reward with Reasonable and Seven to hide her reward in a hole, in this case the Intent Family Vault. 

16, Moonsday:

They decide banditry was actually fun so raid Greyfalls to take some of their stuff

17, Mercurysday:

Kazu and Seven actually return to the Beavers Den and tell of their adventures.  The Darkening Sky is disappointed in them.

4, Venusday:

After being reminded that this should have happened already, and having a ritual written up, the Circle makes them selves officially a Circle.  After determining DS can actually create the largest Circle, he leads the ritual.  This makes the Neverborn very unhappy and the tr y to smite him in the middle of the casting.  Fortunately, through his own willpower and the efforts of the participants in the ritual, he wasn't actually hurt but was mentally exhausted.  After pointing out again that they punish him when he misbehaves, he points out that he thinks they're sending something out to kill him now, then went to sleep.  Seven actually called him DS ( a first, instead of usually being for quicker typing.)

In Which the Circle Splits Up
Descending Water 765: Someday they may learn not to split the party


4, Venusday:

Circle forms. Kazu and Seven go south via Stormwind Rider to check on Worthy Intent.  Xian Lin and Hai'li go to Nechara to scout out Feard's family's situation.  Harmony, Feard, and DS stay at the Beaver Den. 

5, Marsday:

Xian Lin and Hai'li leave to go to Nechara.  and begin the search for Feard's mom, grandma, and little brother.

6. Jupitersday:

Kazu passes by the Intent family manse to find it unsurprisingly occupied by Dragon Kings

Elsewhere, Lilith teaches Harmony how to punch. That evening, Lilith asks DS for help with Harmony's lessons.

Xian Lin and Hai'li arrive in Nechara and begin the search for Feard's mom, grandma, and little brother.

7, Saturnsday:

Kazu and Seven arrive in Palaquin to find out Worth has taken up piracy as a hobby.  They go to the cave where Seven once took a newly exalted Harmony to send an Infallible Messenger to Worthy.

Elsewhere, DS gives Harmony some lessons in fighting.

9, Moonsday:

Kazu and Seven meet up with Worthy.  Worthy demonstrates that, unlike his grandson, he knows how to throw a punch.   Kazu spends some time summoning Elementals to help Worthy in his rebellion against Ysyr and to make plans to turn Worthy in to split the bounty on him.

13, Jupitersday:

Worthy gets sold to/saved from Palanquin.  Kazu and Seven Stormwind Rider back to the Beaver Den

16, Moonsday:

Kazu and Seven rejoin the group at the Beaver Den



In Which the Circle Intends to Officially Be a Circle
Descending Water 765:
4, Venusday:

They eventually decide to, in fact, be a Circle.  They decided to investigate Light's Valor's old hospital and do some research to make sure they're ready for a trip into the Wyld.  After much debate and not taking the question very seriously, the Circle's name will in theory be "New Dawn".



In Which the Circle Talks in Circles
Descending Water 765:
1, Sunsday:

Feard goes back to Great Forks to participate in Dayshield's competition

2, Moonsday:

Feard wins and asks his boon of Dayshield to visit and study her manse.  In the after party he gets really drunk.

3, Mercuryday:

Feard wakes up with a hangover and new Marukan friends in Evening Mist's garden.  Luckily Seven/Erigone was at the party to stop him from talking too much.  Feard fixes Evening Mist's garden.  Feard and Seven arrive at the Beaver's Den that evening, after leaving some cranky Lookshy Dragonbloods yelling at them to come back.

4, Venusday:

The Circle talks about what it means to be a Circle.


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