The Trapped Circle

Arrival at Rathess

Ascending Water 765: Deja vu?

20, Jupitersday:

A discussion is had about what to do. Feard wanted to use is wagons to rescue people, others were less sure of the wisdom of spending months wandering the forests to save people instead of going back to Great Forks and helping them defend.  A quick message to Harmony let us know intel on Rathess would probably be appreciated.  It was eventually decided we'd go to Nechara via Storm Wind Rider and beat up Dragon Kings along the way and save the humans we could.

21, Saturnsday:

We leave that morning.

22, Sunsday:

We arrive that afternoon.  Hai'li and Shinnosuke go to scout Rathess, the others go into hiding. 

23, Moonsday:

Hai'li and Shinnosuke scout.   They gather intel, but after sneaking into a ziggurat and witnessing a ritual chamber, Shinnosuke informs Hai'li that he plans to die here and take out as many High Enlightened as he can with him.  Hai'li tries to argue but fails to make an impact.  She rushes back to the others to tell them what happened and a discussion occurs about whether or not Shinnosuke should be rescued from his insanity.


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