The Tardy Circle

DS and Kazu Wander Off To Do Their Own Thing

Ascending Wood 765: Harmony watches from overhead

7, Saturnsday:

DS and Kazu find Mysterious Melody.  She's initially quite scared about what they planned on doing to her and didn't understand how they got there in the first place, but they assured her they wanted to try and help her.

Unfortunately, they couldn't help the ghasts she considered family.  After remembering the thaumaturgical working the Bishop of Sijan made, they adapted it to try and check on their souls and it was discovered they only had lower souls left, their upper souls (and with it any hope of being able to heal them) were gone.  They weren't sure why Melody had survived, other than maybe the others were eaten by Sophie or another fae, but she (and maybe the doctor) were the only ones left after Sophie promised not to hurt the inhabitants.  Kazu wondered if Sophie had changed Ex-chagger into something that could consume souls since the recent infiltrators they found that could talk (who ran and were then killed by Ex-chagger) didn't have upper souls as well.

They also somewhat confirmed that the ghast attacks were because they were starving, having been sustained but not fed by the Cure, for over 700 years.

Marilee assured them that the Intent compound would have a home for her and Seven suggested they get her to Great Forks by way of her portable hutch so as not to deal with the Wyld Hunt.

Melody's soul structure was intact and seemed healthy.

Afterwards, Kazu released all of the ghasts so their lower souls weren't bound any more.


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