The Tardy Circle

Getting Ready for the Diplomatic Mission

Ascending Water 765: Woo! Shopping trip!


Everyone decided that the Circle needed to be better dressed, so everyone went to Evening Mist's favorite tailor (including the Darkening Sky who found it easier not to fight Hai'li as she dragged him along).  Every one (except Dark Storm) showed off their anima banners so he could find the proper colors to match.  Kazu went iconic and made quite a spectacle of himself.



The journey to Nexus begins.  Hai'li noticed a 4 inch tall fae climbing onto the boat and tried to make friends. but couldn't understand him.  So she called Kazu over and the little fae felt it very important to tell Kazu that whatever was happening was not their fault.  The fae complimented Kazu on how impressive his consort was, which made for a very red and flustered Kazu who ran off to tell Harmony that there was trouble ahead.

While this happened, someone came to look for the medics, who were both with Harmony at the time, that Dark Storm appeared to be injured, so  Hai'li and Yū ran off to see what happened.  Hai'li commented that his injuries looked as if someone had tortured him, which he didn't deny.  She insisted on patching him up.

During the trip, a representative from the Marukan clan who hoped to join the Confederation of Rivers showed up to talk to Marilee Floros.  Apparently the other clans pulled strings to force the vote early and the envoy wanted a chance to plead his clans case.  He insisted it was actually a religeous matter because the other clans worshiping the Shining Path in a different way so want to make trouble by denying his clan access to Nexus.  During this, the Oncoming Storm brought up the fact that the Shining Path was actually a religion created by a Deathlord, the Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible.

AFter the man left to another boat, Harmony asked about what DS was talking about.  He wondered if maybe the Deathlords were victims of propoganda and maybe not that bad, but Yū offered to go spying to find out more about the Shining Path.


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