The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Is Stressed Out

Resplendent Water 765: There were a lot of spiders too

5, Marsday:

Talking with the Wyld Hunt.  Things are civil.  The ship captain of the Wyld Hunt offers ship tours to the children of Great Forks.



6, Jupitersday:

The rest of the Circle arrives in Great Forks.  Seven is jumpy as heck, and Harmony of Intent's wife comes out of seclusion.  Kazu takes the couple Dragon-blooded off to show them some of what he can do.  Hai'li is not happy with this, though Kazu doesn't give them a complete list, only what has obvious effects.

The Darkening Sky Which Heralds the Oncoming Storm is upset when its suggested that the Wyld Hunt expects to constantly be following him, as he thought he made it clear that he thinks this idea is stupid and wants no part of it.  After "Marilee" suggested he try to make a "truce" with them, DS wondered what the hell "she" was on and how he could have a truce with people that were explicitly here to be his executioners and decide when he should die.  After his rant, Seven seemed to make some kind of peace with him and wondered if there were other Abyssals like him, to which he answered 'unlikely'.

"Marilee" went to talk to Nezri and in the process gained a greater understanding of the Immaculate Faith and the Wyld Hunt.  Specifically how killing the Circle was a 'when' not an 'if'.  That the Circle was already irredeemable monsters and if nothing else, the Wyld Hunt would kill them before they were too powerful to be stopped.

They find out Kazu did a sorcerous working for the Hunt so they could have an artifact that could always track him.  Seven, and probably others, weren't thrilled to find out he had an object that likely made it easy for them to scry on him whenever.  she was probably the most vocal about it.  Hai'li went to go hunt to calm her nerves.  Kazu went to set up camp with the Wyld Hunt.

Féard, The Darkening Sky, Seven, and Harmony finally go to poke at the box Harmony stole from the Dragon Kings.  The determined that the three knives were meant to aid in Workings, two for Necromancy and one for Sorcery.  DS wondered why there was a sorcerous  dagger when he had thought the Dragon King from the Wyld said that those on the path of Void couldn't use Sorcery and vice versa.  The box also had a rune on it that encouraged spirits to stay away from the box.  It was separated from the actual box by silk lining.  

When they opened the box there were a lot of spiders. Necrotic spiders.  More than the box should hold really.  They closed the box for later, when they were better prepared to deal with necrotic spiders.  DS recognized something about their necrotic signature as being odd, since it seemed Labyrinthine in nature, but seemed laced over a living creature which he hadn't previously thought was possible.


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