The Tardy Circle

In Which Events Suggest That Downtime Is Inevitably The Worst Idea

Descending Wood: Isn't Gem the city that's supposed to blow up?

In Which the Events Following the Spying Mission Suggest To Our Heroes, Or At Least Their Players, That Downtime Is Inevitably The Worst Idea


Descending Wood: 

After meeting up with Hai'li, Kazu decided to hang out with the group in Rathess.  They Investigated the eternal fire area, only to discover that it did appear to be a shadowland, and the link between the Circle was muffled when they entered.  Inside, they found that it was hosting a ritual combat for the Flame Path Dragonkings.  They fought and if they learned to breath flame and kill their opponent, they passed the trial.  If neither breathed flame, they were both killed as failures. 

The Semi-Circle decided not to investigate Rathess its self.  DS was still concerned about what the Dragonkings were planning in Mela's Grace and suggested that it at least be observed.  Kazu decided to Infallible Messenger Seven to ask her to investigate.

In the interests of not being in the South during summer, the Circle agreed to stay in Great Forks and help war efforts until Fall.


Resplendent Fire 2 (Midnight):

DS was woken up by a burst of necromantic energy, with the Neverborn being really happy for a moment, then super angry with their whispers being louder than any he had heard without the headphones.  He went to Kazu to ask him to guard him while he tranced, since he wanted to listen to what the fuss was all about, but was concerned about listening to the Neverborn while they were in this state.

While this happen, Dreamweaver showed up to see if DS knew anything about what was going on since the necromantic burst resonated with him.  She mentioned the burst came from the north and it seemed to be drawn to DS like he was a magnet.

While DS and Kazu were making a Working so he could listen to the Neverborn without them hijacking his body, a seconds away from dead, unconscious Seven was flown into the room courtesy of the elemental Kazu made for her.  They stopped working on the Working so DS could heal her.  It was entirely possible that he wouldn't have been able to save her if he hadn't been overcharged on necromantic Essence at the time, due to the fact that her wounds were poisoned by necromantic essence, which needed to be purged, and that she was breaths away from dying. 

After he stabilized her, DS realized they couldn't feel her over the Circle link because she was so saturated with necromantic energies it was like she was in the Underworld.  The elemental reported that, after the skirmish at Mela's Grace, the Dragonkings requested entry into Greyfalls to talk to their "employer".  Greyfalls was then destroyed in an explosion of necromantic energy.  Seven shielded the elemental so it could get her to Great Forks.  Feard and Xian Lin showed up to see what DS's anima banner flare was all about.

Kazu sent an Infallible Messanger to Nezri telling him Greyfalls was gone and he needed to come to the Intent Compund to talk.


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