The Tardy Circle

In Which The Circle Arrived At Maelstrom and Found, As Expected, No One Wanted To Let Them In

Resplendent Fire 765: so unloved

12, Marsday:

During the trip to Maelstrom, Kazu and Elaine were chatting and, among other things, she mentioned the living had 3 souls.  When questioned, she revealed that she (and perhaps many of the Underworld) consider the body to be another soul.

The Circle & Company arrive at Maelstrom. The Circle was not allowed into Maelstrom because of DS.  Svava, one of the Valkyrie, went out to meet them.  Judging from the way Elaine greeted her, they might have a thing.    She also didn't want Charon to leave Maelstrom to meet DS, but Charon, apparently, does what he wants.  Shi-renn offered himself as hostage to her captain, and his offer was accepted.

Some time in the midst of the meeting, Shi-renn 's anima banner was noted within the fortress.  Svava was irritated to realize who he was.

Charon and DS went to talk below decks where DS was asked about life under the Lover, and other things concerning Charon's enemies.   Charon mentioned that his title was still a tie to the Lover and he should get a new one.  Charon offered to help, but it would require a ritual that involved some of  DS's hair, blood, and a possession of his.

Back with the rest of the Circle, they talk with Charon about what Tyr did, and how often they would be able to accomplish it.  Charon said it would at least require someone of his power level, the item with pieces mined from Oblivion, and a large population center.  He also suggested a trip to Lytek, where DS and Kazu mentioned again that they didn't have a way to Yu Shan, nor any Sidereals, let alone any that might be inclined to help.  

Charon also talked about how Mask of Winters was an idiot.  He also talked about when MoW was trying to gain territory in the Northwest two hundred years ago, Charon sent a bunch of his people to deal with him.  They succeeded, and were sure they actually "killed" him, but MoW came back.

DS left the headphones he had with Charon, who said he'd like to study it and then assured DS he would unmake it.

Charon told Elaine to take the group where they wanted, but since they couldn't think of a pressing place they needed to be, she agreed to take them somewhere in the future.

Shi-renn eventually returned with a broken arm, and bruised face, and a bunch of other injuries.  He was smiling though.


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