The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Bravely Ran Away

Resplendent Fire 765: When danger reared it's ugly head, they bravely turned tail and fled

 4, Venusday

While Kazu was finishing up releasing Tyr, the Lord of Void, from his bindings, Darkening Sky felt the approach of four Abyssals. Alerting Kazu and Harmony they needed to get out of here yesterday, he then picked up Kazu and the pot o' souls to get back to the ship ASAP to tell Captain Elaine the trouble.  Harmony, from the crows nest, gave a description of the vessel, which Elaine recognized and called the "Hissy Fit."  The mere presence of the vessel inspired a feeling of dread.  After some fancy ship work, fairly impressive parrying, a prayer that made a certain god super cranky at Feard for forcing him to intervene, and an Essence blast that knocked Kazu head over heals, they got the F out of there.  Also helpful was using Harmony's ancestor as a magnet much in the way Kazu's relative was used to speed the journey to Grey Falls Crater.

Once they were clear, Elaine said the ship was The Lion's Wrath, The First and Forsaken Lion's flagship, but she called it the Hissy Fit so as not to give it more power since it seemed powered by fear of it.

They talked about stuff involving Deathlords, Abyssals, and how often they'd be able to pull what they did in Grey Falls.  It was theorized that Tyr was acting against orders and The Deathlords and Neverborn would not be pleased that the Dragonkings showed what they were capable of/planning.  DS made plans with Elaine to meet Charon while he was still alive to be able to do so, the rest of the Circle decided to tag along.

5, Marsday:

They arrived at Underworld Great Forks and Harmony's Great Grand-dad, who was unhappy at the treatment and argued with Harmony about what he was owed.  At dawn they returned to Creation.  Seven ran off to do some errands.  DS, Kazu, and Feard went to talk to Nezri , who was pretty well informed due to the presence of Haneiko with the Circle, about what happened and plans going forward.


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