The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Decided to Rest For A Little While

Ascending Wood 765: Downtime really begins

16, Moonsday:

The Circle discussed amongst themselves what to do about Nezri's requests and what they were ok with agreeing to.  Kazu affirmed that he wouldn't let them hold him accountable for stupid reasons, such as accusing the Circle of something they didn't due.  He had his oath he made to the monk after all.

17, Mercuryday:

The Circle remeets with Nezri.  Kazu signs a document so a thaumaturge can evaluate his sincerity.  The Circle agrees to stick around for a month so his superiors would be less edgy.  Nezri mentions he might plan a party of his own on the airship.  The mice of the sun rejoice in a Great Holy Day because the Circle reached an Accord with their future slaves.  Hai'li discovered that no-one remembered her sister or had any documentation she ever existed.

Féard again used Infallible Messenger to reach Hai’bo Xue, after much struggle to even remember her name, and found out she was apparently a Sidereal and people couldn't remember her because of the Shattered Mask constellation.  


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