The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Finally Sleeps

Ascending Wood 765: a new day has come

4, Venusday:

The Darkening Sky completed a necromantic ritual to subdue the Wyld energies.

The following morning, the Circle went to the Demogorgon's lair and investigated.  They found a bunch of stuff, including:   broken eggs, a few whole eggs with dead human fetus', white jade chain shirt, and some ghasts that ran in a panic.  Following them, "Marilee Floros" heard them speak to each other in what sounded like a modern dialect of Riverspeak.  When they reached the Agriculture area, with the slaughtered ghasts, they shouted "Where now?" and "I don't know!" before running off.  Marilee returned with a vision of the ghasts rising.

This played into Kazu's fears, so before the next spray they spent time piling the ghast corpses into holding cells in Security.  When the sprinklers went off, the ghasts regenerated, except for the ones Kazu disintegrated with holy light.

Further investigation of Security found:
3 Black Jade War Bows
4 Fire Lances (red jade with starmetal filigree)
1 Orichancum Orb (an Essence capaciter to charge the fire lances)
12 jadesteel swords
12 jade steel shields
1 green jade warstrider shaped like a snake ( which Kazu shoved into Elsewhere)

Nezri commented that non-humanoid warstriders were rare and mentioned Lookshy had one.  He also mentioned having fought a warstrider, but didn't want to talk about it until it was safe enough to get drunk.

"Marilee" claimed a war bow and the white jade chain and Seven claimed a wa rbow and they went to the shooting range to practice

Hai'li turned into a spider so Seven could practice using her as a throwing weapon with "Marilee" as the target.

Feard spent this time curled into a little ball of pain and misery in the manse heart while investigating the artifacts Kazubrought to him.

Game time: around 2 pm


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