The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Finishes the Trip to the Underworld

Resplendent Water 765: and pick a fight

15, Sunsday:

Feard investigates the ghost artifacts around the warehouse and finds a ghost roomba once named Zoomy.  Sadly he couldn't figure out how it was made from only being able to see the ghost-chassis

"Marilee" says she wanted to go to the Intent compound to speak with "her" ancestor.  After some discussion about who was under who's protection, DS suggested it was better to stick together so they went to meet the former Intent patriarch together.  Alaine agreed to wait for them at the docks.  At the ghost!Intent compound, Harmony talked to his scoundrel of a great grand-dad.  While they did so, Feard and DS looked at ghost-books.

After their talk, great grand-dad decided to be an ass and try to rile Hai'li up, before DS finally got fed up with it and told everyone they were leaving because they had better things to do.

Kazu offered the water-elemental-squid-thing to Captain Alaine as a pet.  Both Alaine and the squid-thing accepted the offer.  Captain Alaine made their trip back to the shadowland quicker.  Zhang Dao and Kazu pinpointed the location of the map. "Marilee" and Xian Lin looked around the manse to find ghosts, a big-ass dog, a creepy thing that stayed in the shadow of an obelisk, a mysterious mist thing, and a pale red head.  The dog noticed something and the Willow sent out floating head things to scout.  Kazu made a spectacle of himself and destroyed them and thus started a fight.


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