The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Finishes Up at the Den and Goes to the Vault

Descending Water 765: Rumors all over the place

17, Mercurysday:

The Circle talks about their  plans and what they want to do in preparation for exploring the Vault.  Harmony, Feard, and Hai'li stay at the Den until Harmony finishes his training with Lilith.

18, Venusday - 22, Sunsday:

On the request of Harmony, Xian Lin spreads rumors of Aki's death.

Kazu goes shopping with "Erigone" and the small god of fortunate escapes confronts them about rumors concerning the Darkening Sky kidnapping Harmony and holding him hostage though the Intent family denies such allegations.

Kazu invites the Wyld Hunt to the investigation of the Vault.  They agree in order to keep an eye on the Circle.  The Circle agrees to travel by airship.  Kazu sends a message to Feard saying they should meet at  Great Forks instead of the Vault so Feard has a chance to iexamine the airship.

Kazu also holds some sermons for the Immaculate Faith.

22, Sunsday:

Harmony returns as Floros.  Upon meeting Mom, she orders him to visit Dreamweaver's temple to dispel the rumors about his being kidnapped.  He bring DS along.  Kviik explores the temple and has a chess match with Dreamweaver.

25 Venusday - 27 Jupitersday:

Travelling to the Vault.  Nezri requests we don't try to enter until Ascending Wood.


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