The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Pokes Mysterious Things In The Vault

Ascending Wood 765: Mysterious things don't poke back...yet

2, Moonsday:

Going down the Vault's elevator, a mysterious voice informs us that, if we're here, we're deemed critical to rebuilding the Shogunate after the Great Contagion.  Neat.  The mysterious voice also inform us that Containment Protocal 3 is in effect and that people should remain in residences until its resolved.  Whatever that means.

The voice also calls this place "Yu-shen Vanesh".  

We find a large room with two signs, one is almost illegible but leads to security.   The other leads to the residential areas.  This room also has a bunch of green and gold clothing and bracelets with blue jade charms with a faint aura of Essence.  Most dress up in these to pretend to fit in in case it matters.  The clothes are the colors of a lost House of the Shogunate.

The Circle begins to investigate.  The room is occupied by weirdly dematerialized spirits and a skeleton.  Investigating the skeleton, it was missing its feet and the bones were burnt as if attempting to cauterize a wound.  The person had appeared to be trying to drag themselves after having lost their legs.

Xian Lin poked at a panel which activated red jade orbs that were gathering fire essence as a security system.  She decided to turn it off and go explore the security room.  The room had a barricade in it.  There was evidence 2-3 people were behind it, though only one body was left.  The body was wearing clothing that appeared 100 years out of date, a broken artifact crossbow, and a blue and green jade bracelet, as well as jade steel armor.  

Xian Lin, Feard, and Floros started poking at the records.  All the senior command was housed in "Nightengale" while employees were in "Pheasant".

While this was happening,  there was a very unfriendly sounding noise down stairs.  Later, DS heard 3 noises down the stairs.  They sounded like ghouls, but he couldn't feel anything undead or necrotic or whatever, so Seven decided to investigate.  She saw what appeared to be ghouls, but after DS insisted that they were unlikely be able to hide necrotic essence from him, Kazu mentioned that he heard of something similar happened because of Wyld taint, a mutation that decays without killing,  but it would require something far more concentrated than we were likely to find here.

Poking at what turned out to be some kind of communication device, Xian Lin contacted the other residences.  At Parrotbill there was just movement and growls.

When she tried Swan, she heard a voice trying to teach the ghouls poetry.  Xian Lin introduced herself, and the individual at the otherside couldn't remember their name though it was something like "Mysterious Song" and she(?) was named for her(?) grandmother.  

She mentioned they had found a cure for the Great Contagion, which sprayed some kind of Wyld tainted poison which turned everyone into the ghouls.  She doesn't know why she can still talk and has a mind, though she's still trying to teach the others.  The dragon-blooded occupants seem to have turned into something far scarier, but all the others who came down her died.  Apparently killed by something nasty in Lark. And we couldn't get to her anyways because no one could pass through Medical, which sounded heavily tainted by the Wyld energies.  

The person eventually remembered her name was Mysterious Melody when Xian Lin hung up.  

In the other residences, the com heard 

Lark: a growl and a shrieking whine, similar to what was heard ealier

Pheasant: Static

Nightengale: groaning

The "Cure" was sprayed shortly after Xian Lin hung up, though the sprinklers didn't activate in the opening room.  Containment Protocol 3 was apparently that a side effect for the cure turned people into ghouls and a solution hadn't been found yet.

Kazu put up IPP and went to investigate the spray and brought some back.  DS determined it was some kind of poison base that was infused with Wyld energies.

3, Mercurysday:

The group waited to see when the spray happened since nobody wanted to deal with Wyld taint, determining it seemed to happen everyday at noon.


The length of time of the spray is about 15 minutes, and the ambulatory residents we’ve seen thus far stop moving and turn their faces upward with open mouths.

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