The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Returns To The Underworld

Resplendent Fire 765: as habits go, it's a questionable one

In Which the Circle Once Again Returns To The Underworld, Which Many Would Argue Probably Isn't Recommended For One's Continued Good Health
5, Marsday:

The rest of the Circle reunites with Xian Lin, and go talk with Nezri about Dragonkings, Deathlords, and what they might be planning.  Evening Mist shows up, and is informed that Harmony was still in the Underworld arguing with great granddad.  She informed Nezri that he would send a Dragon-blood to help her son, and then organized the household to send prayers to Harmony, the Ferrymen, and Charon.  Haneiko says she has another assignment so wouldn't be going with the Circle to meet Charon.  Nezri says someone else could go, and indicates it would probably be Captain Shi-renn.

After gathering supplies, the Circle returned to the Underworld at sunset.  Captain Shi-renn was apparently enthusiastic to go, and chatted about whether or not he'd be able to pull the same trick as Elains new ship and take her to the Underworld as a ghost ship.  He also asked if he would be able to sail the ship, implying that the current captain couldn't possibly be as skilled as he was.  Upon meeting him, Elaine was not super thrilled to realize that he was  the Dragon-blood that had infiltrated their organization, and escaped with info Charon would prefer they didn't have, and in the process of going undercover had a valkyrie(?) named Sigrún fall in love with him, but he burned her ship and left her stranded on an island as he escaped.  Sigrún has  apparently been stuck as a guard at Maelstrom since Charon said he wouldn't give her another ship for 30 years. According to Elaine, Sigrún is still upset and would probably kill him.

Elaine informed the Circle (and guest) that navigation to Maelstrom was tricky and would take a couple days.



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