The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Show Caution, Until It Doesn't

Resplendent Wood 765: Spying continues

22, Sunsday – 28, Saturnsday:

The Semi-Circle (and company) eventually decides to spend a week spying on the camps outside of Rathess before investigating the city itself.

Among other things, they discovered the large mound was actually the gigantic Lord of Ash.  They Dragonkings perfomed some kind of ritual so they wouldn't wake him when they fed him.

There weren't Flame troops camped outside Rathess, only Void, Ash, Blood, and Brass.

The Circle theorized that their food, which was made of sea birds and whale blubbler, was obtained through a portal to the West.  DS listened to the Neverborns whispers and it seemed to confirm they were hunting in the West, but the Dragonkings didn't seem to be doing anything else, like amassing power, in the West.  Other than avoid the Bodhisattva's ships.  He also discovered the Neverborn's hijacking of his body was getting worse. 

On the 25th, Hai'li decided to go Pterok hunting.  She eventually stole its form but upon consuming its heart's blood, was consumed by an unreasoning panic of something being "wrong" and randomly fled farther East.  Kazu. upon sensing this, immediately Stormwind Ridered to reach her location.  Eventually Hai'li's fear left as suddenly as it came and she decided to go meet Kazu as she felt his approach.


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