The Tardy Circle

In Which the Party is Split

Resplendent Wood 765: Welcome to the Jungle

12,  Marsday:

Plans to spy on Rathess were delayed a week as the spies wanted to learn the language of the Dragonkings.  

19,  Marsday:

Xian Lin, Harmony, Hai'li, and Hanaiko leave by way of Stoormwind Rider.

20, Jupitersday:

That evening, they arrive in Rathess and set up the camp where the Circle previously stayed.  The jungle was on fire and the smoke was weird and the trees were dead.  The fire seemed supernatural and didn't look like it was going out.  There were more military camps, and while it seemed their growth was quick, it didn't seem supernatural.

They noticed what appeared to be a pavilion guarded by human merceneries.


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