The Tardy Circle

In Which There Are Things To Do And Places To Be

Resplendent Fire 765:

3, Mercuryday (Fairly Early in the Morning):

Nezri comes by to see what all the excitement was about, and was not happy to hear about the Dragonking's shenanigans.  Seven eventually woke up and talked about what she saw, which included a the Void Path Dragonkings creepy ass necklace with chunks of the Abyss embedded into it.  She also mentioned she and a group of others party crashed the Lover's Citadel.  She mentioned she escaped because Lilith had left some kind of clone that tricked the Lover long enough for them to get out, (though sometime afterwards she mentioned that it seemed pretty choreographed/scripted and wanted to talk to DS about it later.)

Kazu Stormwind Rider'd Hai'li and Harmony home, after which Kazu, DS, and Seven went to the manse to get Seven healed up quicker.

While there, DS communed with the Neverborn to find out how the DKs did what they did, which is how he found out they were mining the Void.  While doing so, the Neverborn known as "Wisdom Wreathed in Darkness and Crowned in Sublime Entropy" possessed his body to chat (and flirt?) with Kazu.  Apparently Light's Valor was best buds ("Frenemies") with said Neverborn. This lead to the question of why communicating with the Neverborn was different for DS than any other creature in or outside of Creation (with whole incredibly unpleasant, inevitably leading to madness thing.)

Feard stayed in Great Forks to finish the ship being built for Captain Elaine, so it could be sent to the Underworld and hopefully get the Circle in contact with her to see about what was going on in the crater formerly known as Grey Falls.


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