The Tardy Circle

In Which Things Decided To Poke Back

Ascending Wood 765: And headshots

3, Mercurysday:

After the spray went off, and the members of the Circle who had protection against the Wyld noticed their defenses triggered even in the spray-free room.  The Wyld ghoul things decided attacking Kazu was the thing to do.  Hai'li, who was hiding in Kazu's pocket, bit and poisoned the ghoul-things. They proved very effective at regenerating until DS decided to stab one in the head, which finally defeated them.

While this was happening, The Eclipse Alternatively Known As Marilee Floros decided to sneak around to see what else was going on, and found a very large creature with horns and not quite human limbs spying on the fight, those it seemed to lose interest and wander off when the fight was over.

Nezri guarded the sorcerer types, Seven was no where to be seen.  Feard failed to cast a spell, fell down the stairs, and threw his gun away.  After the fight he was questioned about his odd behavior and seemed very confused about what was going on.  He also claimed his name was Brigha, which was somewhat concerning.  Then Feard "came back" and was still confused about the battle occuring.

Nezri pointed out that if people were tainted by the Wyld, the Circle would probably have to kill them and wanted to warn the Circle know instead of just having to bring it up then.  Hai'li was very cranky and revealed herself to yell at Nezri.


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