The Tardy Circle

In Which We Finally Get to the Convocation

Ascending Water 765: We still cause trouble though

15, Sunday:

Breakfast is had.  Harmony talks with Nezri.  Kazu and Hai'li Stromwind Rider off the get the chief of the Yesunshin Clan.  "Marilee Floros" arrives and delays the heck out of the meeting to give Kazu and Hai'li the time to get back.

The vote it called and they arrive just in the nick of time to see if the Marukan troubles can be resolved.  Yesunshin and Mayhiros still disagree on who killed the Mayhiros' chief's nephew.  In Kazu's exhaustion, Light's Valor asserts himself and suggests that the Eclipse can bind an oath to see who's telling the truth.  They agree to bring in Yesunshin's son and Mayhiros' brother to testify under oath.  The brother left so Hai'li tracked him down and convinced him to come back.  The oath and interrogation will be tomorrow when Kazy comes back with the son.

Marilee asked for Sijan's help with a shadowland. Sijan wanted the Darkening Sky's help to deal with it.  This eventually lead to DS making the observation that Walker in Darkness had taken over the shadowland that the Princess Magnificent had abandoned.  This lead Sijan to ask if DS would talk to the Lover to see if she would help them fight the Walker. He declined.  The vote still passed for Sijan to send an ambassador to the Lover.


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