The Tardy Circle

In which we learn about the hijinks of ancient Solars

Ascending Water 765: Surprise! They were pretty awful

20, Jupitersday:

We fast forward to the end of the fight, leaving Eaty-Guy/Randy alive for questioning.  He insists his name is,like, Ran'tee or something.  After some threatening, Eaty-Guy decides to cooperate in return for a clean death.  We get some answers about their powers, military strength and organization.  Eventually, because Hai'li is trying to find out what drives the Dragon Kings, the subject of mating comes up and Kazu turns bright red.  This summons the Fae Lord Light's Valor made friends with, and with him came two Dragon Kings who called themselves Lords of the Void and Lord of Blood, who were at the highest enlightenment of those paths.  Apparently Light's Valor made them and then sent them to fight for the Lords of Courage, Conquest, and Glory in the Wyld until such a time as he called them back.  He also had other questionable experiments to his name.  According to the Dragon Kings, the reason he's so strongly 'present' in Kazu is because some of his experiments.  Also, we learn Shinnosuke's prior incarnation was a dude who was called the Dark Knight who ruled the "City of Gleaming Stone Which Shone in the Darkness" through fear.

After the Wyld faded, a bird from Harmony came with a message wondering what had happened.

Eventually they left and we got into a fight since Kazu had a nervous breakdown over what Light's Valor did.  Shinnosuke seriously considered killing him then which Hai'li objected to.  A combination of Worthy talking them down and Kazu's travel capacity held of the decision.


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