The Tardy Circle

It's Basically Just a Continuation of Last Session

Ascending Wood 765: so much loot that no one cares about

7, Saturnsday:

Treasure, and what to do with it, was resolved after much discussion.

Off sceen, Nezri talked with Tanaka about what had happened in Creation since he sacrificed a bunch of slaves and abandoned his people to the Great Contagion and the Cure.

Feard, Hai'li, and Wyld Hunt are staying at the manse for a month to figure out how the manse and its virtual intelligence was created.  It was decided that Lookshy wouldn't be getting the manse.  The hope was that the manse could be unbound from it's hearthstone so the hearthstone would be at its full power again, but they didn't want the knowledge of what was done to the manse to be lost.

Eventually DS asked Kazu if he wanted to come along to figure out what to do about Mysterious Melody.



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