The Tardy Circle

No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy

Ascending Water 765: ... Or PCs for that matter

20, Jupitersday:

We discussed battle plans.  Kazu was to occupy the Big Guy, also known as "Fred."  Hai'li and Shinnosuke were to take down one of the officers, while DS was to take down the army.  

It was a big ol' fight.  Armies clashed, or more accurately the Darkening Sky clashed with an army.  Kazu leapt into battle with Fred.  Hai'li initially fought "Eaty-Guy" (aka Randy) before becoming distracted by wanting to poison Fred.  Shinnosuke tried to stalk Sword-guy (aka Earl), and got a good hit in though he failed to take him down in one shot.  Eventually the army, Randy, and Earl all went after DS, though Earl was disheartened by his inability to hit Darkening Sky effectively.  Though things were looking pretty bad for DS since Randy sent him into initiative crash and DS wasn't having much luck getting out of it, partially because Worthy was using the manses defenses against the battle group and thus taking them out before DS could.

Eventually the Darkening Sky took out the army, Randy jumped on to Fred and called a retreat.  DS had gotten a second wind and jumped after Randy.  Fred dropped over dead from poison. Earl tried to cover their retreat.  Shinnosuke stealthed after the retreating Dragon Kings.  Hai'li tried not to get crushed when Fred fell over.


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