The Tardy Circle

The Circle Makes Questionable Choices

Ascending Wood 765: so many questions

15, Sunsday:

Kazu dragged DS to be a sparring partner because he needed to get out more.  While out there, some of the Great Forks Dragon-bloods asked them for help training the troops.  DS spent some time beating them up and Kazu spend some time talking to Thor, God of Hammers, who was interested in expanding his portfolio by making an elite unit that used hammers.

Xian Lin had a pointed conversation with Harmony over breakfast about how awful Marilee Floros was.

The Circle had a conversation before the party about deciding on who would lead them and what to do about Nezri's expectations.  Eventually it was decided that DS and Kazu would be joint leaders in some fashion and they, along with Xian Lin, would talking with Nezri and Talespinner.



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