The Tardy Circle

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Ascending Water 765: Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die

16, Moonsday:

Kazu returns with the son of the Yesunshin chief, Unnar.  He reports that some enhanced ghosts tried to abduct the boy on the trip back.  Upon further questioning, he realized that he were old Marukan ghosts.

We discover that Clifton Mayhiros decided to commit suicide.  After investigation of the corpse and the cell the Lookshy delegates held him in, it was determined that he enacted somekind of ritual using nightshade to commune with spirits.  Those knowledgeable in the Shining Path said there was a ritual that people only used when they were desperate to commune with the Bishop.  Mayhiros received a suicide note from his brother and talked about it with Sejong.  Afterward, he proposed to end feud saying it was unresolved and Yesunshin agreed to go along with it.

Both Yesunshin and Wagasu joined the Confederation.  People also agreed to vote to increase military strength with the details to be worked out the next day. 

Aria and Harmony had dinner at a fancy restaurant.  

17, Mercuryday:

While people are discussing things, some oddly colored Dragon Kings come to crash the party.  Quite literally as their Stormwind Rider-like spell crashes through the walls.  They claim everything East and South of the Vaneha split (conveniently avoiding Ma-Ha-Suchi and Raksi's territory) at least until their ready to conquer us.  They claim they became unlightened enlightened through the Path of Blood, which Feard recognized as a forbidden path.  Dark Storm observed they were practically oozing necrotic Essence.

Feard and Harmony were quite worried about the fates of their respective families.  Hai'li was quite upset that they would be taking humans as slaves and denying them their freewill.

After "Marilee" got all glowy, they reluctantly acknowledged they couldn't do anything to us right now.  They were also not thrilled when Light's Valor made an appearance.  They ran off in a similar way to how they arrived.

The Confederation observed that they were surrounded by death-y forces and decided to up military power even more.  The Marukan's talked about going to the Bishop, which lead to Hai'li prodding Dark Storm into telling the Convocation what he know about the Shining Path.  The Marukan's still didn't want to believe him claiming "if he wanted me to kill my son I'd say no" to which Hai'li replied "Isn't that what happened with Clifton Mayhiros?" She got glared at.

After hearing Sijan's (ridiculous) idea of what Deathlords were and how they were created, Dark Storm also informed them as to the nature of the Deathlords and their relationship with the Neverborn.  Nezri asked him to swear under the Eclipse Oath that everything he said was true to the best of his knowledge, which he did.

"Marilee" and Kazu wanted a Wyld Hunt assigned to Kazu to kill him if he went crazy.  Hai'li thinks they're idiots.

After the meeting, Nezri and Hai'li went to get drunk. They also had an interesting conversation.



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