The Tardy Circle

Travelling to Northhaven

Asc Water 765: Remember kids, don't fly kites in stormy weather

18, Venusday:

The journey to Northhaven starts.  Harmony brings the simhata to Great Forks while the rest travel by way of Stormwind Rider.  Hai'li transforms into something small while the Darkening Sky flies a Shinnosuke kite. Which seems dangerous, but whatever.  While stopping for a break, they are accosted by Ma-Ha-Suchi's beastmen while Kazu grumbled about Wyld mutants.  Hai'li managed to diffuse the situation while we continued on the journey.

19, Marsday:

A stop to rescue villagers.  They're told to go south to the Dreaming Sea where they can be picked up.  Kazu and DS are baffled that people who live in the East are worried about starving to death.  Arrival at Northhaven.  Grandad is using to manse to fire lightning bolts at the assailants.  Talked about evacuation.  Feard built wagons.  Exalts attuned to the manse.  Dragon Kings were killed.  It was discovered that some of the "Dragon Kings" actually started human.

That night,  Shin and Hai'li went to cause trouble for the army and returned to report.


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