The Tardy Circle

Wherein Plans Are Discussed and Made

Resplendent Wood 765: *insert Doublemint Gum jingle*

10, Mercuryday:

The Circle discussed further plans, and were stimied by the concern that the Wyld Hunt would object to anything the Circle tried to do because they were afraid of the Circle getting more powerful.  Part of the problem being that all the things they would be ok with would probably mean the Circle, or some members of it would be killed.  If Mask of Winters for example, we'd have to fight his Circle and he has more resources to train his lost Exalts. DS also brought up the concern if the Circle did pick a fight with Mask of Winters and failed, he might have more Abyssals.  Monstrances are a problem and it was questioned if something could be developed to stop Abyssal Exaltations from returning to they're monstrances.  DS, at least, was concerned that someone else might find out how to use such a device and adapt it for all Celestial Exaltations.

Eventually they decided it might be worth finding out the power and timeline of hte Dragon Kings to find how how much time they had and how worried they should be about the threat of invasion.

On the 10th, the Circle met up with Nezri to talk about their plans and concerns.  He agreed that it would be helpful information to have, but objected since a Solar Circle in their territory would probably be considered a declaration of war.  Darkening Sky pointed out that only sending "spies" is would be problematic since the spies might not understand what they saw and they didn't have a way to report what they would see to be analyzed by more knowledgeable members.

Nezri agreed and asked for a few days since Nezri had a solution that should remain secret and he needed permission to tell Great Forks and the Circle about it.

12,  Marsday:

Something is delivered from Lookshy and the New Dawn meets up with Nezri again.  Lookshy's solution is a pair of Wood Aspected twins who were bound by a working so they would each now everything the other experienced as she experienced it.  Xian Lin tentatively agreed, assuming they passed the test she wanted for them.


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