Shield of a Different Day

One of Three Rulers of Great Forks.


The first three Ministers are the Minister of the Military,
the Minister of Residency and the Minister of Research.
These three Ministers fall into Dayshield’s sphere of influence
and answer to her.

Ministry of Military: General Blood Linnet is the Minister of the Military
and also overall commander of the army of Great Forks. She
has held the post for only six years and is very conscious of
her lack of experience.

Ministry of Research: Everyone knows that the Minister of Research is in
charge of the spy service. Lady Jozakura, the daughter of a
human mother and a condor-spirit from the slopes of Mount
Metagalapa, watches everything around her with a keen eye
and a hunger for secrets. She has held her current position
for 50 years now and shows little sign of aging; her skin is
still as flawless as white jade, and her long hair as green as
fresh grass. Jozakura moves in high society as well as in the
bureaucracy, taking reports from agents scattered across Great
Forks, and has many friends among the merchant caravans.
This is partly due to the fact that her Ministry is willing to
provide general (and accurate) information on the trade
situation elsewhere, for a modest payment, to the general
population, as well as its more secret services to the Three.


The First Age was a more elegant time, one in which a
warrior could battle peacefully and the mere presence of a
soldier was enough to move nations. Dayshield once worked
in Yu-Shan, serving in the Division of Battles for the Bureau
of Battles as an agent covering all matters of peaceful
war, battles that consisted of nothing but positioning and
war-through-diplomacy. When the Solars fell, however, her
portfolio of cases diminished, and her superiors shifted her
to less savory duties. With the fall of the Shogunate, peaceful
warfare evaporated completely, and rather than involve
herself more deeply with the corruption seeping into her
division, she stole some files for insurance and fled Yu-Shan
to seek a new fortune for herself in the mortal realm of Creation.
Her time in the cruel, harsh world of the Second Age
changed her, and her gentle ways and elegant uniform gave
way to cold armor and sharpened steel, though she retains
her protective instincts and civil manners.

Dayshield often walks the streets of Great Forks in
material form, her presence comforting those around her.
For a goddess of war, she is strikingly beautiful, with the soft
curves of the woman each soldier dreams about returning to.
Long tresses of raven hair fall around handsome features, and
granite-colored eyes gaze upon her soldiers proudly, the eyes
of a sergeant who has trained her soldiers well. When she
speaks, her alto voice rolls across the masses with a patriotic
tenor, inspiring hope in those who hear her. Her armor is
clean and polished, and her shield gleams in the sunlight.
Those who stand behind her feel a wellspring of confidence,
knowing they will see the morning’s dawn.

Shield of a Different Day

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