Evening Mist

Harmony of Intent's Mother


An aristocrat’s daughter from Palanquin, she has the tall, willowy build of the cloud-blooded, dark stormcloud-belly purple hair, and milky blue eyes like a cloud-driven sky.


The wife of Well-Reasoned Intent and mother of Harmony, she is the family hostess, doing the entertaining expected of a highly-placed merchant house in Great Forks with such skill that her events are part of the city’s ‘social season’ each year.

She has a fine ear for music, which coupled with natural rhythm translated into a skill at conducting, and many are the occasions on which she has been prevailed upon to take up the baton at least once and conduct various groups performing at one of her events on the grounds or in one of three ballrooms in the Lasting Impression of Intent, the family compound on the eastern outskirts of the city.

She is also the director of Intent family generosity, occasionally to charity but more often choosing to personally sponsor artists, composers, painters, sculptors, teachers, as well as city choruses and orchestras.

Evening Mist

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