Minor NPCs

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Intent Family

Worthy Intent — Harmony’s Grandfather
Bequi — Herbalist in the employ of Worthy Intent
Delphia Shan Ye — Intent House Factor at Oxbow (trade terminus north of dreaming sea).

Confederation of Rivers

Maheki Nezri — Air Aspect. Lookshy rep. Member of the Wyld Hunt sent after the Circle in case they “go bad”.
Captain Shi-Renn of the Jade Falcon — Fire aspect Dragonblood

Alaine — Chaian Representative

The Guild:

“We Are Sijan” — Sijan Representatives

Marukan Clans:
Pax – Marukan representing Sejong
Roderick – Marukan representing Turrin.
Dumayl – Yesunshin Chief (formerly feuding with Mayhiros)
Unnar – Yesunshin son of Dumayl, who was accused of killing the Mayhiros boy.
Adar – Abrogassu (didn’t want Wagasu in for religious reasons).
Peder – Mayhiros Clan Chief
Clifton – Mayhiros Clan Chief’s brother (deceased)
Orvin – Wagasu Chieftan

Land of Death
Captain Alaine of the Ferrymen.


Minor NPCs

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