Spinner of Glorious Tales

One of Three Rulers of Great Forks.


Talspinner has been one of the 3 rulers of Great Forks for centuries. He is the head of the ministries of Lore, Diplomacy and Other Matters.

The Ministry of Diplomacy handles formal (and informal) negotiations with other Confederation members and also with outside powers, such as the Realm. They works closely with the Ministers of Trade, the Military and Research.

The Ministry of Lore watches over the city’s university, encourages prominent scholars and thaumaturges to settle inside the city, and is tasked with staying alert for any dangerous experiments or personal conflicts that might cause trouble. Less spoken of, but equally important, it manages the city’s sorcerous resources

The Ministry of Other Matters handles everything unexpected, unplanned for and not covered by the portfolios of the other Ministers. Perhaps most importantly, it is tasked with communicating and monitoring all city residents of exceptional power, such as resident Anathema.


Mortals who suffer misfortune and setbacks often comfort themselves with tales of Talespinner’s mortal life, for he is proof that even the lowliest mortal can advance to divinity if he’s clever and wise enough. Talespinner was a lazy mortal boy who enjoyed stories and constantly sought the horizon. He often told lies to avoid work and responsibility, but as his lies grew more creative, he turned his storytelling into entertainment, and then profit. He delighted in the fantasies his words conjured as he mastered the craft, and the life of the road suited him.

According to legend, as Talespinner grew old, he discovered the day of his death from a friendly astrologer and then won passage into Yu-Shan during the Carnival of Meeting. He Encountered three different gods in three different parties, and to each, he told a riveting tale that metaphorically centered upon the experiences of the god. (Some extravagant stories claim these gods were the Unconquered Sun, Luna and the Maiden of Journeys, but more modest stories claim Amoth City-Smiter, Ruvia, Captain of the Golden Barque, and the brightest of the Golden Star sisters.) Right before the climax of each story, Talespinner noted the hour, bowed out, and promised to finish the tale the next day. All three came to him the following day, begging to hear the end of their tales, but Talespinner confessed that he was dying, and with but a single breath left, he could only speak the ending of a single story. Hearing this, all three agreed to impart to him a portion of their power, granting him divinity and immortality. Springing from his deathbed with full vitality, he whispered to each how the story ended and capered back into the mortal realm. All the gods were pleased except for Amoth (or the Unconquered Sun, depending on which story you believe), whose story ended badly.

Spinner of Glorious Tales

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