The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Meets Someone New
R. Water 765: Someone is too eager to have a Full Circle here
6, Jupitersday:

Kazu, Feard, and DS have a chat after the box investigation.  Seven is later included in the chat.  She is still stressed and confronts Kazu about whether he was trying to get around his oath to keep her a secret and wanted to know if he even considered the repercussions of the scrying talisman he made for the Wyld Hunt.  He said he didn't, and had wanted to give them something that he could detect so he knew where it was.

7, Saturnsday:

Harmony came back from whining to the Unconquered Sun about why he was chosen, and how he surprisingly got an answer.  Something to do with trying to fix a mistake and being "unsuited but none having a better chance for success."

The team meets Xian Lin.  Kazu didn't attend because of worry about being scryed.  A fire elemental delived a message to Hai'li from her sister.  It cut off early but seemed to indicate that people were coming after Hai'li, presumably finding out where she was because of letters she sent said sister.

In Which the Circle Is Stressed Out
Resplendent Water 765: There were a lot of spiders too
5, Marsday:

Talking with the Wyld Hunt.  Things are civil.  The ship captain of the Wyld Hunt offers ship tours to the children of Great Forks.



6, Jupitersday:

The rest of the Circle arrives in Great Forks.  Seven is jumpy as heck, and Harmony of Intent's wife comes out of seclusion.  Kazu takes the couple Dragon-blooded off to show them some of what he can do.  Hai'li is not happy with this, though Kazu doesn't give them a complete list, only what has obvious effects.

The Darkening Sky Which Heralds the Oncoming Storm is upset when its suggested that the Wyld Hunt expects to constantly be following him, as he thought he made it clear that he thinks this idea is stupid and wants no part of it.  After "Marilee" suggested he try to make a "truce" with them, DS wondered what the hell "she" was on and how he could have a truce with people that were explicitly here to be his executioners and decide when he should die.  After his rant, Seven seemed to make some kind of peace with him and wondered if there were other Abyssals like him, to which he answered 'unlikely'.

"Marilee" went to talk to Nezri and in the process gained a greater understanding of the Immaculate Faith and the Wyld Hunt.  Specifically how killing the Circle was a 'when' not an 'if'.  That the Circle was already irredeemable monsters and if nothing else, the Wyld Hunt would kill them before they were too powerful to be stopped.

They find out Kazu did a sorcerous working for the Hunt so they could have an artifact that could always track him.  Seven, and probably others, weren't thrilled to find out he had an object that likely made it easy for them to scry on him whenever.  she was probably the most vocal about it.  Hai'li went to go hunt to calm her nerves.  Kazu went to set up camp with the Wyld Hunt.

Féard, The Darkening Sky, Seven, and Harmony finally go to poke at the box Harmony stole from the Dragon Kings.  The determined that the three knives were meant to aid in Workings, two for Necromancy and one for Sorcery.  DS wondered why there was a sorcerous  dagger when he had thought the Dragon King from the Wyld said that those on the path of Void couldn't use Sorcery and vice versa.  The box also had a rune on it that encouraged spirits to stay away from the box.  It was separated from the actual box by silk lining.  

When they opened the box there were a lot of spiders. Necrotic spiders.  More than the box should hold really.  They closed the box for later, when they were better prepared to deal with necrotic spiders.  DS recognized something about their necrotic signature as being odd, since it seemed Labyrinthine in nature, but seemed laced over a living creature which he hadn't previously thought was possible.

In Which Talking Was Interrupted With Some Action
Ascending Water 765: Harmony had clothing try to choke him to death again
26, Marsday:

The plan is implemented.  Harmony and Hai'li infiltrate the Dragon King camp.  They find out Féard's dad and uncle are on the same string and discuss with each other how to get the group out.  Hai'li leaves to tell Monkey and Seven.  Harmony sticks around waiting to get into the necromancer's tent.  Eventually Seven and Monkey show up as rocs and make off with the string of people.  Dragon Kings freak out and when the necromancer comes out to see what the commotion is, Harmony sneaks in.  He finds Shinnosuke's cloak hanging on a rack, his bow and arrowheads on a table protected by some kind of ward, and two chests, one of them locked.  He opened the chest to find a smaller box carefully placed inside, three ritual daggers, and some pouches.

He grabbed the cloak only for it to suddenly be different and start to try and strangle him, though his own artifact scarf protected him from the worst of it.  He eventually grabbed one of the daggers and pried the strangling cloak off.  He then grabbed the other daggers and the box and shoved them into Hai'li's artifact bag, putting them into Elsewhere.  He then waited for the necromancer to return to his tent, slipping out when the necromancer opened the tent flap.  He met up with Kazu to let him know he was finished and didn't need a distraction.  Everyone went back to where Féard was building some boats.  Kazu left with Monkey to Stormwind Rider him off to Makalanka while the others went by boat back to Great Forks. 

Resplendant Water 1, Sunsday:

The Circle passes by Nechara, surprisingly there wasn't much of a fight about not invading to save Féard's mom, aunt, and little brother.

4, Venusday:

The White Fox shows up to tell Harmony that Shinnosuke's exaltation already has a new owner, and someone he had met previously.  Hai'li pounces in to see what the fox wants and the fox disappears much to Hai'li's irritation.  Harmony relays what the fox told him, adding that the new owner, Xian Lin, had once tried to kidnap him to sell as a slave when he was in one of his disguises.  Hai'li doesn't react well.  Seven assures her that sometime's not-nice people are chosen because they have the skills Nights need, so maybe this woman has reformed.   Seven would be happy to help kill her if it turns out she need killing.

Kazu shows up saying the Lookshy delegation is showing up the next morning and that they want everyone there and that the boat won't make it in time.  He leaves with Harmony and Hai'li.  That evening, Hai'li finds out from Harmony where to find Xian Lin and the gang "The Bone Parade."  An old man in that part of town desperately tries to get Hai'li to leave, but after escorting him home she goes back to looking.  Some goons, telling Hai'li they know where to find the Bone Parade lure her into an alley.  With a flash of glowy tattoos, she convinces them not to mess with her and finds out where Xian Lin is.

They chat, Hai'li seemly convinced that the gang actually protects people and tells Harmony the next morning that Xian Lin was planning to confront Marilee Floros after she met with the Looksky delegation.

5, Marsday:

Marilee, Kazu, and Hai'li go to meet the delegation.  Marilee makes a bet with a bookie that the Circle will walk away.  Nezri, along with his comrades, arrive flashily in an airship

In Which I Feel Compelled to Make a Post Even Though We Didn't Have Game
Ascending Water 765: I mean, June 2017, I guess
22 Thursday:

Part of the group hears about Shinnosuke's replacement.  We also took a walk to have dinner and then ice cream.  Presumably, others had adventures of their own.

In Which There Was Even More Talking
Ascending Water 765: New plan. We might actually survive!
25 Venusday (dawn):

When we last left our intrepid Circle, various plans were being made.  Some of them had better survival rates then others.  

Kazu returned with Seven.  On the way, he discovered Nechara was an occupied city and the Dragon Kings were doing some kind of construction.  Eventually, upon hearing that Monkey would only stick around for a day or two, people decided that taking on the army to save all the humans might not be the best idea and came up with a plan to just save Féard's family.  People rested while Féard rested so he could contact his dad again and find out how much of his family was there.  Once that was determined, the Lunars would swoop in an swipe who they needed

26 Marsday:

Féard finds out only his uncle is with his dad, and that they volunteered to come

In Which There Was A Lot Of Talking
Ascending Water 765: So many bad ideas
24 Mercurysday (night) to 25 Venusday (dawn):

Harmony and Shinnosuke go sneaking into the Dragon King camp.  Things get off to a bad start when Shinnosuke fails to climb a tree, but this doesn't stop them from their mission.  Harmony realizes there's a commotion a bit later around one of the command tents.  Upon investigation, he finds Shinnosuke has been captured and is being interrogated.   Harmony initially tries to get Shinnosuke's stuff back, but has to flee before he's discovered.

Hai'li and Monkey go to a Wood Court and convince them to help.

Kazu arrives at Great Forks and hands over some letters.  Harmony's mother is upset by his sudden disappearance and sends a letter back with Kazu, informing him to tell Harmony to read it as if she's yelling.  Kazu gives a report to Talespinner and gets some letters back saying Great Forks doesn't approve of our actions.  In a secret missive, they still disapprove and think we shouldn't do it, but Weaver of Dreams of Victory is willing to bless us if we insist.  Kazu then gives his shield to Dayshield's temple, telling them it her's to do with as she wishes if he's not back in 72 hours to retrieve it.

The Circle talks into the night deciding what to do.  Some people think we need to save Shinnosuke, some people think that can wait until the main attack, some people think that Shinnosuke is already as good as dead and that everyone else will die as well if we attack the Dragon Kings.  Eventually, Hai'li goes to fly over the encampment to see if she can spot Shinnosuke and around dawn sees his tortured corpse being thrown into the midden heap.  She rushes back crying.  The Circle is almost convinced that it's suicide to attack, until Féard discovered his father is alive and is with the captured Necharans.  This decides Hai'li that the Circle had to save them.  Kazu and Monkey had a sneaky conversation.  Kazu also gave DS his orichalcum longfang telling DS that he would be able to make more use of it in the battle than Kazu would.

Monkey wasn't happy about hearing about the ritual for turn humans into Dragon Kings and was going to talk to Raksi about what it was doing.  When questioning the Neverborn with Whispers, DS got something that roughly translated to "short answer is most die and return to the cycle, some stay behind."


XP minimums as of the end of Session 17:

assuming your character hasn't died, these are before any bonus XP you may have earned:

XP: 51  

"Solar" XP: 34 XP

In Which Several People Come to the Conclusion That There's Something Wrong With Us
Ascending Water 765: also, goddamned sidereals

23 Moonsday (night):

Debate about Shinnosuke continues.  After an explosion, people question whether he's even alive.  Eventually Féard tells Shinnosuke via Infallible Messenger that if he doesn't come back Light's Valor is going to call in his Dragon King friends in the Wyld to come wreck shit if he doesn't come back in 12 hours.

Kazu practices his evil laugh for when Shinnosuke shows up.  Shinnosuke listens to the Circle talk about what to do when Shinnosuke shows up.  Eventually Shinnosuke decides he can't kill Kazu and lacks the courage to kill himself now.

The White Fox was listening to the conversation and told everyone she(?) wished to be called Bianca.  She thought Shinnosuke should give it time and said that a friend was arriving anyways.

Much to Kazu and the Darkening Sky's confusion, Harmony arrives by way of Stormwind Rider from a sorcerer he hired.  Everybody else thought this was all according to plan.  Féard insisted this is what Harmony told them he would do, DS insisted that, no, that plan was to go to Nechara and Kazu would go from there to pick up Harmony and why would he lie to him and Kazu if this had been the plan all along.  Needless to say, DS and Kazu were confused and didn't know why everyone insisted this was the plan.

24 Mercurysday:

That morning, everyone goes to Nechara by way of Stormwind Rider.  On the way the see a legion of Dragon Kings, around a dozen big dudes, and what appeared to be a high enligheted of the Void being carried on a palanquin, as well as 1000 slaves.  Needless to say, Hai'li wanted to save them.  More debate ensues, the sorcerer leaves with the Rathess notes and suggests we're insane and need help, also help if we plan to fight the army.  Discussion was had about groups that could be asked for help.

Hai'li goes to a nearby tribe of Raptormen and asks for help.  Eventually a scout is brought back to the Circle where Kazu and Harmony could speak their language.  All three go back to ask the elders for help and Hai'li's mentor Monkey shows up.  The Raptormen agreed to help as long as their only role was as a distraction.  Monkey was cranky to discover there was an Abyssal with them and asked to go back with them to talk to DS.

Monkey talked to DS, trying to find out why he should be trust (p.s. he shouldn't) and came to the conclusion the Circle was cracked.  He agreed to go talk to the wood-bloods to see if they'd help.


Arrival at Rathess
Ascending Water 765: Deja vu?
20, Jupitersday:

A discussion is had about what to do. Feard wanted to use is wagons to rescue people, others were less sure of the wisdom of spending months wandering the forests to save people instead of going back to Great Forks and helping them defend.  A quick message to Harmony let us know intel on Rathess would probably be appreciated.  It was eventually decided we'd go to Nechara via Storm Wind Rider and beat up Dragon Kings along the way and save the humans we could.

21, Saturnsday:

We leave that morning.

22, Sunsday:

We arrive that afternoon.  Hai'li and Shinnosuke go to scout Rathess, the others go into hiding. 

23, Moonsday:

Hai'li and Shinnosuke scout.   They gather intel, but after sneaking into a ziggurat and witnessing a ritual chamber, Shinnosuke informs Hai'li that he plans to die here and take out as many High Enlightened as he can with him.  Hai'li tries to argue but fails to make an impact.  She rushes back to the others to tell them what happened and a discussion occurs about whether or not Shinnosuke should be rescued from his insanity.

In which we learn about the hijinks of ancient Solars
Ascending Water 765: Surprise! They were pretty awful
20, Jupitersday:

We fast forward to the end of the fight, leaving Eaty-Guy/Randy alive for questioning.  He insists his name is,like, Ran'tee or something.  After some threatening, Eaty-Guy decides to cooperate in return for a clean death.  We get some answers about their powers, military strength and organization.  Eventually, because Hai'li is trying to find out what drives the Dragon Kings, the subject of mating comes up and Kazu turns bright red.  This summons the Fae Lord Light's Valor made friends with, and with him came two Dragon Kings who called themselves Lords of the Void and Lord of Blood, who were at the highest enlightenment of those paths.  Apparently Light's Valor made them and then sent them to fight for the Lords of Courage, Conquest, and Glory in the Wyld until such a time as he called them back.  He also had other questionable experiments to his name.  According to the Dragon Kings, the reason he's so strongly 'present' in Kazu is because some of his experiments.  Also, we learn Shinnosuke's prior incarnation was a dude who was called the Dark Knight who ruled the "City of Gleaming Stone Which Shone in the Darkness" through fear.

After the Wyld faded, a bird from Harmony came with a message wondering what had happened.

Eventually they left and we got into a fight since Kazu had a nervous breakdown over what Light's Valor did.  Shinnosuke seriously considered killing him then which Hai'li objected to.  A combination of Worthy talking them down and Kazu's travel capacity held of the decision.

No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy
Ascending Water 765: ... Or PCs for that matter
20, Jupitersday:

We discussed battle plans.  Kazu was to occupy the Big Guy, also known as "Fred."  Hai'li and Shinnosuke were to take down one of the officers, while DS was to take down the army.  

It was a big ol' fight.  Armies clashed, or more accurately the Darkening Sky clashed with an army.  Kazu leapt into battle with Fred.  Hai'li initially fought "Eaty-Guy" (aka Randy) before becoming distracted by wanting to poison Fred.  Shinnosuke tried to stalk Sword-guy (aka Earl), and got a good hit in though he failed to take him down in one shot.  Eventually the army, Randy, and Earl all went after DS, though Earl was disheartened by his inability to hit Darkening Sky effectively.  Though things were looking pretty bad for DS since Randy sent him into initiative crash and DS wasn't having much luck getting out of it, partially because Worthy was using the manses defenses against the battle group and thus taking them out before DS could.

Eventually the Darkening Sky took out the army, Randy jumped on to Fred and called a retreat.  DS had gotten a second wind and jumped after Randy.  Fred dropped over dead from poison. Earl tried to cover their retreat.  Shinnosuke stealthed after the retreating Dragon Kings.  Hai'li tried not to get crushed when Fred fell over.


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