The Trapped Circle

In Which the Circle Opens the Vault
Ascending Wood 765: Hey look, the Seasons changed
25 Venusday - 1 Sunsday:

Deciding that they weren't actually in a rush, the Circle actually ended up arriving at the doors to the Vault of 1 Sunsday in Ascending Wood.  The Circle interacted with the Wyld Hunt.  Feard couldn't get into the Engine room, Kviik talked about how bright and shiny it was.  The Jade Falcon may have a colony of mice of the sun. Nezri decided that the oath he wanted DS to take in Nexus wasn't convincing enough, so he wanted DS to take another oath with a sorcerer he trusted.  DS wasn't inclined to go along with it.  Kazu was willing to take an oath in DS's place.  Xian Lin tried to make friends with Captain Shi-Renn. Kviik ran off when they landed, DS gave her a skull to work as trappings of death, but she came to the conclusion this made her a priestess.  They examined the doors.

2, Moonsday:

Marilee Floros decided to try knocking on the doors to the vault, but it didn't work.  Neither did a crow bar.  DS suggested Feard use the Eye to change the door into something else.  The door tried to react to fix itself, but Marilee managed to get to the locking mechanism to unlock it, granting access.  The doors tried to close, but DS kept them open as they got supplies in.  Realizing "Erigone" was going in, Nezri jumped in after her and insisted on staying when she refused to leave

In Which the Circle Finishes Up at the Den and Goes to the Vault
Descending Water 765: Rumors all over the place
17, Mercurysday:

The Circle talks about their  plans and what they want to do in preparation for exploring the Vault.  Harmony, Feard, and Hai'li stay at the Den until Harmony finishes his training with Lilith.

18, Venusday - 22, Sunsday:

On the request of Harmony, Xian Lin spreads rumors of Aki's death.

Kazu goes shopping with "Erigone" and the small god of fortunate escapes confronts them about rumors concerning the Darkening Sky kidnapping Harmony and holding him hostage though the Intent family denies such allegations.

Kazu invites the Wyld Hunt to the investigation of the Vault.  They agree in order to keep an eye on the Circle.  The Circle agrees to travel by airship.  Kazu sends a message to Feard saying they should meet at  Great Forks instead of the Vault so Feard has a chance to iexamine the airship.

Kazu also holds some sermons for the Immaculate Faith.

22, Sunsday:

Harmony returns as Floros.  Upon meeting Mom, she orders him to visit Dreamweaver's temple to dispel the rumors about his being kidnapped.  He bring DS along.  Kviik explores the temple and has a chess match with Dreamweaver.

25 Venusday - 27 Jupitersday:

Travelling to the Vault.  Nezri requests we don't try to enter until Ascending Wood.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
Descending Water 765: Was the Beavers Den bigger on the inside....?
9, Moonsday - 10, Mercurysday:

Xian Lin and Hai'li "scout" Nechara.  Which actually means, after looking around the city for a few minutes, they find Feard's family, have tea for a few hours waiting for Rickard to come home from lessons, then Xian Lin sneaks them out.  By way of one Wyvern and one Stormwind Rider, they get his family to Great Forks.  Xian Lin checks in with her second in command and eventually they both leave back to the Beaver's Den.

15, Sunsday:

The previous log lied, because Kazu and Seven actually stopped by Great Forks, Kazu to invest his bounty reward with Reasonable and Seven to hide her reward in a hole, in this case the Intent Family Vault. 

16, Moonsday:

They decide banditry was actually fun so raid Greyfalls to take some of their stuff

17, Mercurysday:

Kazu and Seven actually return to the Beavers Den and tell of their adventures.  The Darkening Sky is disappointed in them.

4, Venusday:

After being reminded that this should have happened already, and having a ritual written up, the Circle makes them selves officially a Circle.  After determining DS can actually create the largest Circle, he leads the ritual.  This makes the Neverborn very unhappy and the tr y to smite him in the middle of the casting.  Fortunately, through his own willpower and the efforts of the participants in the ritual, he wasn't actually hurt but was mentally exhausted.  After pointing out again that they punish him when he misbehaves, he points out that he thinks they're sending something out to kill him now, then went to sleep.  Seven actually called him DS ( a first, instead of usually being for quicker typing.)

In Which the Circle Splits Up
Descending Water 765: Someday they may learn not to split the party


4, Venusday:

Circle forms. Kazu and Seven go south via Stormwind Rider to check on Worthy Intent.  Xian Lin and Hai'li go to Nechara to scout out Feard's family's situation.  Harmony, Feard, and DS stay at the Beaver Den. 

5, Marsday:

Xian Lin and Hai'li leave to go to Nechara.  and begin the search for Feard's mom, grandma, and little brother.

6. Jupitersday:

Kazu passes by the Intent family manse to find it unsurprisingly occupied by Dragon Kings

Elsewhere, Lilith teaches Harmony how to punch. That evening, Lilith asks DS for help with Harmony's lessons.

Xian Lin and Hai'li arrive in Nechara and begin the search for Feard's mom, grandma, and little brother.

7, Saturnsday:

Kazu and Seven arrive in Palaquin to find out Worth has taken up piracy as a hobby.  They go to the cave where Seven once took a newly exalted Harmony to send an Infallible Messenger to Worthy.

Elsewhere, DS gives Harmony some lessons in fighting.

9, Moonsday:

Kazu and Seven meet up with Worthy.  Worthy demonstrates that, unlike his grandson, he knows how to throw a punch.   Kazu spends some time summoning Elementals to help Worthy in his rebellion against Ysyr and to make plans to turn Worthy in to split the bounty on him.

13, Jupitersday:

Worthy gets sold to/saved from Palanquin.  Kazu and Seven Stormwind Rider back to the Beaver Den

16, Moonsday:

Kazu and Seven rejoin the group at the Beaver Den



In Which the Circle Intends to Officially Be a Circle
Descending Water 765:
4, Venusday:

They eventually decide to, in fact, be a Circle.  They decided to investigate Light's Valor's old hospital and do some research to make sure they're ready for a trip into the Wyld.  After much debate and not taking the question very seriously, the Circle's name will in theory be "New Dawn".



In Which the Circle Talks in Circles
Descending Water 765:
1, Sunsday:

Feard goes back to Great Forks to participate in Dayshield's competition

2, Moonsday:

Feard wins and asks his boon of Dayshield to visit and study her manse.  In the after party he gets really drunk.

3, Mercuryday:

Feard wakes up with a hangover and new Marukan friends in Evening Mist's garden.  Luckily Seven/Erigone was at the party to stop him from talking too much.  Feard fixes Evening Mist's garden.  Feard and Seven arrive at the Beaver's Den that evening, after leaving some cranky Lookshy Dragonbloods yelling at them to come back.

4, Venusday:

The Circle talks about what it means to be a Circle.

In Which the Circle Talks to Elder Lunars
Resplendent Water 765: ...shouldn't have waited so long to write this.....
28, Saturnsday:

The Circle talks to Magnificent Jaguar about such topics as Kazu's situation and how what Light's Valor did was messed up and he should try to fix it.  Some were curious about how the Solar Deliberative worked and how Creation worked back then.  Several were curious about what he knew of their past lives.  Eventually MJ asked DS what he knew about where Abyssals came from.

Eventually Lilith came screeching in and was pretty grumpy.

Descending Water

1, Sunsday:

Monkey shows up as well to talk to Hai'li about her sister.  Apparently the Lover really wants DS dead and has called a hit on him.

Over the next couple days MJ rested a lot and talked to people when his pushy medic let him.  Many of the Circle spent time in his library or doing other things in the mean time. At sometime, Feard would have left to compete in Dayshield's competition.

In Which We Finally Meet Magnificent Jaguar
Resplendent Water 765: Kitty!
26, Marsday:

Kazu gives a soulsteel capstone to Captain Shi-ren to test his ship's guns on.  Seven has dinner with the Circle and tells them Magnifencent Jaguar wants to meet them and is in the area.

27, Jupitersday:

The Circle takes Stormwind Riders up to the region of Mt Metagalapa and find the path to one of his dens, this on beaver themed.  Entering, it seems very empty and his guard dogs are very up happy.  Eventually the Circle discovers that Jaguar had been hurt.  Hai'li convices the puppies she'll help and takes Seven with her to find a near death Jaguar.  There are many dead Blood Apes and beastmen around.  Inspecting Jaguar, they find Infernal barbs digging into his wound.  Jaguar gives Seven an item so the rest can get by the guard wolves. Working together, the Circle gets the barbs out and Jaguar can start healing.  They find a sperpent demon thing that had dies partially through the portal.  Seven asks if the sorcerers can contact Monkey and Lilith.  Lillith is very unhappy at Solars being let in his den and yelled at Feard.  Its unknown how Monkey reacted to Kazu.

28, Saturnsday:

That morning, Jaguar woke up.  He explained that he didn't think the forces that were harrying him were capable of this, and described a human shaped Infernal shadow that he could barely follow and wasn't a demon type he had encountered before.  Feard;s eye demon recognized the seprent demon, and Jaguar was amused at the demon Feard had stuck in his eye. The Darkening Sky continues to be an "it" to Elder Lunars. Hai'li wields her power as medic over Jaguar ruthlessly and won't let him get up.  This makes Jaguar cranky.  Session end with Jaguar offering to answer questions, regretfully he can't help as must as he could have but owes the Circle for saving him.

In Which Stuff Happens Between Sessions
Resplendent Water 765: Mostly for calendar tracking
21, Saturnsday:

DS and Kazu go to the North to meet with Captain Elaine.   They bind some willing ghosts from both the Tepet legions and the Icewalker Tribes, encounter Baba Yaga, and chat about how much of a jerk the Bull of the North is.

The trip takes a little under a week, and they get back on Resplendent Water 25.

In Which Things Happen in Nexus
Resplendent Water 765: A trip to Nexus
17, Mercuryday:

Hai'li talks with Harmony about slavery and then goes to talk to some abolitionists to find out their stances.  Kazu shows up to take her to Nexus so they can talk to the Emissary and Nexus' council.  They were told the council only met once a week and they  would be in session on Jupitersday.

Before they left for Nexus, Hai'li gave the Abyssal Hearthstone she got from the solar ghost in Nexus to DS.

Kazu went to talk to the solar ghost to perform the ritual Kazu promised and talked a bit about how the Realm was formed and how the Scarlet Empress managed to use the Sword of Creation.  Feard got to examine the lock to the ghost's vault.

At some point during the trip, they visited the slave market after Hai'li had a nightmare.  They bought six slaves on the condition they'd work for Great Forks' army for two years and then would be freed.

20, Jupitersday:

Hai'li and Kazu talk to the Council of Nexus about making it more difficult to traffic "slaves of conquest."  One of the councillors said he'd write law for a 20% increase on such slaves and it return they asked if she could convince Ma-Ha-Suchi to let their caravans through his territory.  Kazu offered to summon some elementals for the defence of their water ways, but they declined unless he worked full time for them saying they already had sorcerers doing such. 

She agreed to try.  When they got back to Great Forks, Hai'li talked to Seven about talking to Ma-Ha-Suchi.


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