The Tardy Circle

Are you sure this is coincidence?
Ascending Water 765: Somewhere, Sidereals are crying

Following the full moon of Ascending Water:

 Yū Akamura follows The White Fox to find his Batcave.

3, Mercuryday:

After this, he sneaks into the Intent family compound, breaks into Tepet Yoshinkazu's room, and starts reading Kazu's diary.  He failed to pay attention to the cat, who was actually Peleps Hai'li Yu, sleeping in a basket.  Hai'li caused a ruckus to alert Dark Storm, whose room was next door, to the intruder.  He entered just as  was jumping out the window.  Since The Oncoming Storm couldn't actually see the exceptionally sneaky ninja, he left Hai'li to give chase.

Their chase eventually led them to a University, where Féard Alistair was quite surprised to find a talking cat and a talking tree stump(?) outside of his window, remarking that neither of those things were things that were supposed to talk.  Hai'li and Yū decided to talk in private, and switched to another roof when Féard went to the roof to continue listening to their conversation. While Féard was on the roof, Harmony of Intent came looking for his cat, and Féard mentioned he saw the cat but thinks the cat ran off somewhere.

Yū eventually tried to run away, so Hai'li turned into a spider to catch a ride.  After much talking, she convinced him to try and be friends and invited him to the Intent compound.  She left in eagle form and found Harmony and DS on the roof talking to Féard.  Harmony, grateful the boy told him about his cat, told Féard that he could come by his house if he needed help with something.

4, Venusday:

The next day, when Féard was looking to find out about his artifact, found out Miraculous Success, a scholar who might have helped him, died several months ago.  Another option was to search for Ysyri texts, and that the Intent family ran the trade route to Ysyr.  After remarking how convenient it was he met Harmony the night before, he set off to the Intent Family compound.

Harmony, Hai'li, and Darkening Sky talked with Féard (with Yū spying from nearby) talked about Féard's demon artifact problem and Harmony offered to let Féard stay while they waited for a caravan to come back with more texts from Ysyr.

It Begins
Descending Air 765: A Circle Gathers

A remarkable number of Celestial Exalts start arriving in Great Forks during Descending Air 765.

Perhaps even more remarkably, many of them seem to end up at the family compound of Harmony of Intent.

Over the course of dinner on the 27th, Harmony of Intent's Lunar wife convinces the newly arrived Full Moon Lunar, Peleps Hai'li, to participate in a ritual that will teach Hai'li one of Seven Deadly Virtues forms so Hai'li can occasionally impersonate Harmony's wife.  The ritual will be held the next full moon.

Falling Star From Palanquin
Harmony of Intent's Exaltation

Details to come, this is at the moment a test of the system



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