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  • Artifacts

    A list of artifacts presently held by the Circle.

    • [[Crosswind Aegis]] - Held by [[:kazu | Tepet Yoshinkazu]]
    • [[The Scarf]] - Held by [[:harmony | Harmony of Intent]]
    • [[The Deck | The Deck of Patterns …

  • Spectral Authority

    Soulsteel Armor Artifact (3 Dot)

    A terrifying black soulsteel breastplate with pauldrons, vambraces and greaves to match.  The designs on the armor initially appear abstract, but under closer examination have motifs of …

  • The Scarf

    Attunement: 4

    Hearthstone Slots: 1

    Harmony doesn't know what it is named, so he calls it the Scarf. In its default form, it appears as a long, dark scarf that shimmers through the rainbow in dim light, though it is rarely seen …

  • Carryall of Temperate Clouds

    Moonsilver Knapsack Artifact (4 Dot)

    This knapsack appears to be entirely woven of Moonsilver thread.  Once attuned, It always seems to fit the wearer just so, and is always comfortable to carry.  Regardless of …

  • Demon Forge

    Infernal/Necrotic prosthetic eye (5 Dot)

    The demon forge is a black eye with a red iris which glows very faintly at all times.  It seems to move on it's own, and radiates infernal energy as well as necromantic …

  • The Deck

    Attunement: 5

    Recovered from a Shogunate Manse sealed since the Great Contagion, it is apparently a small collection of cards. The back design is uniform, a ring of ten constellations, two representing each Maiden - though they change with …

  • Magnificent Instruments of Mending

    Originally an Artifact used for golem creation, Féard Alistair recrafted it and altered its essence so it would be surgical tools.

    This set includes surgical instruments and needles for both stitching and acupuncture.  It is made …

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