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  • Falling Star From Palanquin

    Details to come, this is at the moment a test of the system


    It Begins

    A remarkable number of Celestial Exalts start arriving in Great Forks during Descending Air 765.

    Perhaps even more remarkably, many of them seem to end up at the family compound of Harmony of Intent.

    Over the course of dinner …

  • Spying on the Marukan Clans

    13, Jupitersday:

    During the party, Kazu talked to Maheka  Nezri about the Wyld Hunt, and about how they should try to capture him outside so civilians aren't hurt and property wasn't damaged.  Unforetunatly, Kazu had …

  • Things Get... Interesting...

    16, Moonsday:

    Kazu returns with the son of the Yesunshin chief, Unnar.  He reports that some enhanced ghosts tried to abduct the boy on the trip back.  Upon further questioning, he realized that he were old Marukan …

  • Travelling to Northhaven

    18, Venusday:

    The journey to Northhaven starts.  Harmony brings the simhata to Great Forks while the rest travel by way of Stormwind Rider.  Hai'li transforms into something small while the Darkening Sky flies a …

  • Arrival at Rathess

    20, Jupitersday:

    A discussion is had about what to do. Feard wanted to use is wagons to rescue people, others were less sure of the wisdom of spending months wandering the forests to save people instead of going back to Great Forks and …

  • In Which We Do The Time Warp Again

    7, Saturnsday:

    Harmony and Kazu try to find Hai'li, who has mysteriously dissappeared.

    8, Sunday:

    Xian Lin chats with Nezri.  

    In Which the Circle Prepares to Visit the Underworld

    12, Marsday:

    Harmony tries to convince Feard to try and contact his Lunar Mate with Infallible Messenger.  Seven suggests this isn't a great idea and suggests a meeting with Magnificent Jaguar if he wants to talk to someone who …

  • In Which Things Happen in Nexus

    17, Mercuryday:

    Hai'li talks with Harmony about slavery and then goes to talk to some abolitionists to find out their stances.  Kazu shows up to take her to Nexus so they can talk to the Emissary and Nexus' council.  They …

  • Between Sessions

    21, Saturnsday:

    DS and Kazu go to the North to meet with Captain Elaine.   They bind some willing ghosts from both the Tepet legions and the Icewalker Tribes, encounter Baba Yaga, and chat about how much of a jerk the Bull of …

  • Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey

    9, Moonsday - 10, Mercurysday:

    Xian Lin and Hai'li "scout" Nechara.  Which actually means, after looking around the city for a few minutes, they find Feard's family, have tea for a few hours waiting for …

  • In Which Things Decided To Poke Back

    3, Mercurysday:

    After the spray went off, and the members of the Circle who had protection against the Wyld noticed their defenses triggered even in the spray-free room.  The Wyld ghoul things decided attacking Kazu was the thing …

  • In Which the Circle Talks to Mold

    3, Mercurysday:

    After the ghasts and demogorgon were defeated the Circle investigates the hydroponics area.  There aren't plants left, but there is mold that moves away when people tried to touch it.  Marilee asked Hai'li …

  • In Which Time Passes Quickly

    4, Venusday:

    The Circle spent the rest of the day investigating the living quarters down one of the hallways.  They found, among other things, books they left with Feard to fix.

    When they got to the end of the hall, DS and …

  • Of Parties and Meetings

    15, Sunsday:

    Some of the Circle went to talk to Talespinner about the coming party and meeting with Nezri.

    Evening Mist talked to Nezri about the announcement during the party and left a guard-Kazu.

    Harmony and & …

  • In Which the Party is Split

    12,  Marsday:

    Plans to spy on Rathess were delayed a week as the spies wanted to learn the language of the Dragonkings.  

    19,  Marsday:

    Xian Lin, Harmony, Hai'li, and Hanaiko leave by way of …

  • On The Road Again

    Wherein the Circle Is Once Again On The Road, Metaphorically As The Case May Be, As Their Journey Takes Brings Them To The Oceans Of The Underworld


    3 Mercuryday - 4, Venusday:

  • In Which the Circle Bravely Ran Away

     4, Venusday

    While Kazu was finishing up releasing Tyr, the Lord of Void, from his bindings, Darkening Sky felt the approach of four Abyssals. Alerting Kazu and Harmony they needed to get out of here yesterday, he then picked up …

  • Home Page

    It was the dawn of the third age of mankind – three years after the Scarlet Empress vanished.

    The Great Forks Project was a dream, given form. Its goal: to prevent another war, by creating a place where humans and spirits can …

  • Main Page

    Game Resources


    • [[House Rules]]
    • [[Purchasable Merits]]
    • [[Charms]]
    • [[Definitions]]

    In-Game Topics

      < …

  • Calendar


    This should be used for reference, not tracking events in-game.

    Measuring Time in Creation

  • Quotes

    Stormy: "And this is my wife, Chases Chariots Barking..."
    GM: "That is NOT her name!"

    GM: "Kate, are you a creature of Darkness?"
    Kate: "Yes. Well, I may be - my character definitely is." …

  • A Brief History of Time

    The Before Times

    Most of these events are unlikely to be known by people in the present age.

    • The Gods of Creation want to overthrow their creators. They create exaltions which …

  • Artifacts

    A list of artifacts presently held by the Circle.

    • [[Crosswind Aegis]] - Held by [[:kazu | Tepet Yoshinkazu]]
    • [[The Scarf]] - Held by [[:harmony | Harmony of Intent]]
    • [[The Deck | The Deck of Patterns …

  • House Rules

    Heavy Weapons:

    • Increase the Overwhelming rating of all Heavy Weapons by +1.


  • Magical Materials

    The Five Magical Materials

    The five magical materials are the most mystically potent substances known to the craftsmen and savants of Creation, and they almost universally form the basis for artifact creation. The dominant magical material …

  • Spectral Authority

    Soulsteel Armor Artifact (3 Dot)

    A terrifying black soulsteel breastplate with pauldrons, vambraces and greaves to match.  The designs on the armor initially appear abstract, but under closer examination have motifs of …

  • The Scarf

    Attunement: 4

    Hearthstone Slots: 1

    Harmony doesn't know what it is named, so he calls it the Scarf. In its default form, it appears as a long, dark scarf that shimmers through the rainbow in dim light, though it is rarely seen …

  • Carryall of Temperate Clouds

    Moonsilver Knapsack Artifact (4 Dot)

    This knapsack appears to be entirely woven of Moonsilver thread.  Once attuned, It always seems to fit the wearer just so, and is always comfortable to carry.  Regardless of …

  • Demon Forge

    Infernal/Necrotic prosthetic eye (5 Dot)

    The demon forge is a black eye with a red iris which glows very faintly at all times.  It seems to move on it's own, and radiates infernal energy as well as necromantic …

  • Geography


    [[The Blessed Isle]]
    The Imperial Mountain is the Pole of Earth, with …

  • Scavenger Lands

    Blue regions are members of the Confederation of Rivers

    The Confederation of Rivers

  • The East

    Metagalapa - A floating mountain with a small population who have tamed the native hawkmen into slaves. Famed for their hawkriders and small statured people, their society …

  • The Dreaming Sea

    Champoor - The Nighted City - Shade covers this city, even on cloudless days, for the water dragon Tenepeshu, queen of the corrupt Court of Secrets, has cast her cloak …

  • Imperial Military

    A standard Imperial Legion is made up of 10 Dragons; 6 Medium Infantry and 4 Heavy Infantry. This breaks down into …

  • Purchasable Merits

    These are the merits characters can purchase in-game.

    • Boundless Endurance (Requires either Stamina or Resistance 3 - 2 dots, 6xp, 2 weeks)
    • Fast Reflexes (Requires Wits 3 - 2 dots, 6xp, 2 …

  • Dragonkings

    Raptok Example

    An ancient reptilian race, created by the Primordials before …

  • Sorcery

    Spells and info for this campaign will follow.  For now, there are many many secret notes you can't see :p

  • Elementals


    • [[Hound of the Huntsman]]


    • [[Air Messenger]]


    • [[Vaktri]]


    • [[Magma …

  • Hound of the Huntsman

    Hounds of the Huntsman are all sorcerously-created Elementals that were created in the High First Age by the Zenith known as [[:lights_valor | Light's Valor]]. They were originally created to serve as mounts for his Dragon-Blooded and Dragon King …

  • Vaktri

    The glittering, deadly vaktri serve as emissaries to the subterranean spirit courts of earth elementals and deep gods. They appears as statues of varicolored prisms, each gemstone segment no larger than a mortal’s thigh bone. Rows of crystals …

  • Definitions

    What the heck does that term mean anyways?  And why wasn't it in the Core book?

    Creatures of Darkness:

    (from a sidebar that apparently will exist in the Dragonblooded book)
    Creatures of …

  • Charms

    Eclipse Charms:

    Ancestor's Blessed Intent

    • Essence: 1
    • Cost: 5m, 1i
    • Type: Simple
    • Keywords:
  • Sworn Kinship's Oath

    Cost: Sorcerous Working: Ritual, 1xp from each participant
    Circle: Terrestrial
    Duration: Indefinite
    Keywords: None
    Ambition: 1
    Goal: 10
    Terminus: 5

  • The Immaculate Order

    [[The Order of Immaculate Dragons]]

    [[The Wyld Hunt]]

    [[The Cloister Tradition]]
    [[The Temple Tradition]]
    [[The Aesetic Tradition]]

    The Nature of the Immaculate Dragons


  • The Order of Immaculate Dragons

    The Coils of the Immaculate Order



    The majority of a monk’s strictures are established when he takes his vows as a monk of the …

  • The Wyld Hunt

    The Wyld Hunt

    The Wyld Hunt is not technically part of the ImmaculateOrder proper. Strictly speaking, it is a special organization,partly religious and partly secular, overseen by both. In actual-ity, though, the Wyld Hunt …

  • Mice of the Sun

    The Mice of the Sun appear similar to ordinary mice, with stark white fur and bright golden eyes.  They bear the Unconquered Sun’s blessing, and have an affinity for the returned Solar Exalted.  A Lawgiver who bonds with such a mouse …

  • The Cloister Tradition

    The cloister tradition is a strong one in the Immaculate Order, with nearly half of all monks following it. Rather than acting as intercessors for the people, the cloister tradition teaches Immaculates to sequester themselves from the …

  • The Temple Tradition

    The tradition best known by the common folk of the Blessed Isle, the temple tradition is the part of the Order that sees to the adherence to the Immaculate Calendar and the performance of the rites to the Celestial and Terrestrial …

  • The Aesetic Tradition

    There is a third tradition of monastic practice in the Immaculate Order. Although it is not an officially recognized or organized one, the ascetic tradition is quite strong.  At any given time, perhaps one in 10 monks in Creation is …

  • Exalts


  • Solars

    Chosen of the Unconquered Sun

    • The Dawn Caste: These Solars are the mightiest warriors and most fearsome strategists to have ever walked Creation.

    • The Zenith Caste: Holy men, …

  • Lunars

    The Chosen of Luna

    The Chosen of Luna are shapeshifters and each has a totem animal that in some way reflects them.  They can start off being able to turn into their totemic animal shape.  They can, however, take …

  • Sidereals

    The Chosen of the Maidens of Destiny

    Chosen of Journeys: Set on the path of Mercury, these Sidereals concern themselves with travelers, roads, paths, and movements of people and forces throughout the world, ensuring …

  • Abyssals

    The Chosen of the Deathlords
    They're more accurately the Chosen of the Neverborn or the Void, but given that the Deathlords are barely known to Creation in general, its unknown how widely known this is.

    The …

  • Dragon-Blooded

    The Chosen of the Elemental Dragons

    Aspects of Air

    Heroes of quick thought and learned contemplation, Aspects of Air are as subtle as the breeze and dynamic as the thunderstorm.

    The Deck

    Attunement: 5

    Recovered from a Shogunate Manse sealed since the Great Contagion, it is apparently a small collection of cards. The back design is uniform, a ring of ten constellations, two representing each Maiden - though they change with …

  • The West

    The Caul

    The Legendary Birthplace of the Dragon-blooded (and possibly other Exalted?)

    The Caul slipped away long ago, one of many casualties of Creation’s slow decline in the wake of the Usurpation, the …

  • The Blessed Isle

    The climate of the Blessed Isle is temperate; sitting in the center of Creation, it is subject to a mixture of the least effects of all of the 

    The South

    Capital City: Kirighast

    Herds of cattle roam the veld around Kirighast, capital of the satrapy of Harborhead, led by bulls that carry their horned heads high as princes. Warriors in patterned scarlet …

  • Lookshy

    Seventh Legion Military Ranks

    Nitei: Soldier.
    Gochei: Corporal. Leads a fang.
    Haichei: Military specialist or technician, including novice sorcerer-engineers …

  • HotH-Air2

    Hound of the Huntsman (Air, Essence 2)

    Essence 2 Air Elemental, appearing as a massive, white-silver furred wolf with blood-red ears.

    At this stage of development, the hound stands 4' tall at the shoulder and can bear a rider …

  • HotH-Wood2

    Hound of the Huntsman (Wood, Essence 2)

    Essence 2 Wood Elemental, appearing as a massive wolf woven out of vines and roots. Fine green moss and leaves stand in counterpoint to its blood-red ears.

    At this stage of development, the …

  • HotH-Fire2

    Hound of the Huntsman (Fire, Essence 2)

    Essence 2 Fire Elemental, appearing as a massive, black and red furred wolf with blood-red ears.

    At this stage of development, the hound stands 4' tall at the shoulder and can bear a …

  • HotH-Fire3

    Hound of the Huntsman (Fire, Essence 3)

    Essence 3 Fire Elemental, appearing as a massive, black and red furred wolf with blood-red ears.

    At this stage of development, the hound stands 6' tall at the shoulder and can bear two …

  • HotH-Air3

    Hound of the Huntsman (Air, Essence 3)

    Essence 3 Air Elemental, appearing as a massive, white-silver furred wolf with blood-red ears.

    At this stage of development, the hound stands 6' tall at the shoulder and can bear two …

  • HotH-Wood3

    Hound of the Huntsman (Wood, Essence 3)

    Essence 3 Wood Elemental, appearing as a massive wolf woven out of vines and roots. Fine green moss and leaves stand in counterpoint to its blood-red ears.

    At this stage of development, the …

  • Wood_Jackalope

    Elemental Jackalope (Wood, Essence 3)

    Essence 3 Wood Elemental, appearing as a small, adorable rabbit with green grass for fur, eyes like morning dewdrops, and a tiny set of stag antlers grown of dark wood, perched atop its head like a …

  • Air Messenger

    Air Messenger (Air, Essence 2)

    A sorcerously-created air elemental, with the form of a tiny, ever-moving breeze with no physical form.

    Initially created during the Shogunate Era by Abbot Tanaka, who wished a simple, pure elemental …

  • Rathess

    An ancient [[Dragonkings|Dragonking]] city in the southern part of the far East. Mostly in ruins since the fall of the First Age, it has recently seen a massive resurgence in its [[Dragonkings|Dragonking]] population.

    The city originally …

  • Humans

    Also commonly called mortals.  While not all sentient creatures are human, humans are probably the dominant sentient creatures of Creation.

    Things that are probably mostly true:

    As far as the living are concerned, humans have …

  • The North

    *The Haslanti League*

    A federation of nine city-states bound by a central government.  The cities are: Icehome, Crystal, Diamond Hearth, Fair Isle, Fort Bear, Ironfall, Shield, Tusk, and Windcreche.

    < …

  • Magnificent Instruments of Mending

    Originally an Artifact used for golem creation, Féard Alistair recrafted it and altered its essence so it would be surgical tools.

    This set includes surgical instruments and needles for both stitching and acupuncture.  It is made …

  • Spinner of Glorious Tales

    Mortals who suffer misfortune and setbacks often comfort themselves with tales of Talespinner’s mortal life, for he is proof that even the lowliest mortal can advance to divinity if he’s clever and wise enough. Talespinner was a lazy mortal boy who …

  • Tepet Yoshinkazu

    Tepet Yoshinkazu or ‘Kazu’ was born in Realm Year 748 to a pair of Air Exalted Dynasts in the Tepet Compound, in the Imperial City, on the Blessed Isle. His parents were Tepet Kammi, a caring mother, but busy with her duties as an officer in the Tepet …

  • Harmony of Intent

    Harmony of Intent is the scion of the House of Intent, a trading house relying on a long-standing arrangement that brings in goods from the south to the markets of Great Forks. A recently married man in the prime of his life, he and his family have just …

  • Yū Akamura

    *Name*: Yū Akamura (赤村優) *Sobriquets*: The Black Mask Vigilante (Realm Loyalists); That Dead M%@F##r (Gangs) *Hometown*: Great Falls, in the Far East. *Known Associates*: Father, Kenzō, and older Brother Ryū, both believed to be alive and plying …

  • Evening Mist

    The wife of Well-Reasoned Intent and mother of Harmony, she is the family hostess, doing the entertaining expected of a highly-placed merchant house in Great Forks with such skill that her events are part of the city's 'social season' each year. She …

  • Weaver of Dreams of Victory

    The least understood of the three gods of Great Forks, Dreamweaver never speaks of her origins and only smiles with polite amusement at speculations whispered in her presence. The tribe she brought to Great Forks remembers only that she came first in …

  • Erigone Deligiannis

    Harmony of Intent's new bride. Unbeknownst to most people, Erigone was actually killed by Seven Deadly Virtues who then drank her hearts blood. Recently, Seven Deadly Virtues taught Peleps Haili Erigone's form with a sorcerous working so they can both …

  • Aki the Guide

    Very knowledgeable and opinionated, known by locals to steer traffic to places that could use more business, and the shopkeepers see that Aki doesn't go hungry in return when he lets them, though he never eats twice in the same place in the same year …

  • Cheng

    Cheng, a member of the Rickshaw Guild, is often seen in odd places when not driving. His Riverspeak has a Low Realm accent, and he is often charitable to new arrivals who seem to like 'his' city. Cheng sometimes takes folk where they need to be, not where …

  • Ushiyo

    Ushiyo, a bent grey-haired grandmotherly type querulously claiming to be a noble in exile, who mostly seems to shop. She is clearly barmy (for example, she talks to folk who aren't there or have been dead for years) but has money, and various entertained …

  • Wen the Scribe

    Wen, balding scribe for hire, may have worked for every bureaucrat in town. His schedule is almost inflexible - anything ready is available Marsday and sent by messenger. Scribe work sent to his address (there is a rather substantially locked and quite …

  • Féard Alistair

    Feard grew up in the small town of Immelscheld, just outside of Nechara. He spent much of his childhood mucking around his father's Smithy, at his uncle's Mason shop, or with his sister, Brigha. Feard has always had an aptitude in making things, but his …

  • Peleps Hai'li Yu

    *Parents:* Peleps Avani Lin and naval Commodore Peleps Jian Tai *Head of House*: Dragonblood Peleps Ijuzhu Shui, youngest of 3 brothers [Jian Tai is eldest] *Immediate family*: Jian Tai and Avani Lin have 3 children: Jie Zhou, Hai'li Yu and Hai' …

  • Marilee Floros

    Marilee Floros is a relative newcomer to Great Forks, and her Riverspeech bears the crackling, crisp consonants of the deep South city of Paragon from which she hails. Having been an agent of the Perfect of Paragon in good standing, she exalted in his …

  • Shield of a Different Day

    The First Age was a more elegant time, one in which a warrior could battle peacefully and the mere presence of a soldier was enough to move nations. Dayshield once worked in Yu-Shan, serving in the Division of Battles for the Bureau of Battles as an …

  • Light's Valor

    *Known Data:* * Light's Valor was a Solar Sorcerer and a skilled Necromancer. ** He used his knowledge of Sorcery and Necromancy to create the [[Dragonkings | Five Forbidden Paths]] of the Dragon Kings. * He had a Manse (Or linked set of Manses) …

  • Kviik

    Kviik is apparently a Mouse of the Sun who was corrupted by exposure to a shadowland. She feels very bad about this and didn't mean to betray the Unconquered Sun and not being able to leave a shadowland sucks. Being with the Darkening Sky Which Heralds …

  • Ex NPCs

    NPCs that are probably (actually) dead. Gregor Yushen -- a Sidereal that pretended to be a Dragonblood. He became the boyfriend of the Raksha Sophie and was obsessed with fixing the people of the Doomsday Vault. Killed by the Circle. Ex-chagger -- …

  • Gu Fei Nara

    Gu Fei is fat, with a mouth that seems to grow in size when he is amused, which is usually. Most of his entertainment seems to derive from the secrets of his city, though he is not as miserly as some gods of secrets, and can be a source of very juicy …

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