A Brief History of Time

The Before Times

Most of these events are unlikely to be known by people in the present age.

  • The Gods of Creation want to overthrow their creators. They create exaltions which can gift human hosts with their powers.  The Unconquered Sun creates the Solars, Luna creates the Lunars, and the Five Maidens create the Sidereals.  They are collectively known as the Celestial Exalted.
  • The Five Elemental Dragons gift their powers to 10,000 humans who become the Dragon-blooded, also known as the Terrestrial Exalts.  The five elemental types are Air, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.
  • Unlike the Celestial Exaltations, which are limited in number and find a new host when the previous one dies, the Terrestrial exaltations are inherited and and Dragon-blooded might have children who exalt.


The Usurpation and the Shogunate

The History of the World as Most People Know It

  • The Dragon-blooded host overthrow the insane and corrupt Solars and push the Lunars to the edge of Creation.  Everyone forgets about the Sidereals.  The Solar exaltations are captured in the Jade Prison which is then hidden in the deepest part of the ocean.
  • This Usurpation ends the First Age and the period known as the Shogunate begins.  
  • The Immaculate Faith is created and spread.  According to the Immaculate Faith, Solars and Lunars were monsters that stole power from the Unconquered Sun and Luna.  They were "Anathema" and Wyld Hunts are created to kill each new host of the exaltations.  This also served to place Dragon-blooded as the rightful lords of Creation as they were the ones that saved the world from the Anathema.
  • Estimated to have lasted 600 years, the Shogunate ends when a supernatural plague known as the Great Contagion kills 90% of all life in Creation
  • The Fair Folk use this as an opportunity to invade, instigating what is later known as a Balorian Crusade

RY 0:

  • The Dragon-blood later only known as the Scarlet Empress gains control of the Realm Defense Grid, and ancient artifact from the First Age, and protects Creation from the Balorian Crusade
  • The Scarlet Empress founds the Scarlet Dynasty (may she reign forever.)

RY 761: 

  • The Scarlet Empress vanishes

RY 762:

  • The Jade Prison is opened. 

RY 763:

  • Solars start appearing across Creation
  • The Mask of Winters conquers Thorns with his armies of the dead and his terrifying new exalts, the Abyssals.

RY 764:

Ascending Wood:
  • A team of Dragon-blooded go to Rathess.  It does not go well for them.
Resplendent Earth: 
  • On the 16th, during the night of the new moon, a huge explosion in Nechara kills thousands.  Rumors say an uncontrolled demon of the Second Circle was released and destroyed in the explosion.
  • Surprisingly, nothing world shaking is known to have happened this Calibration

RY 765:

Descending Air:
  • Campaign Starts

A Brief History of Time

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