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An ancient reptilian race, created by the Primordials before the creation of mankind.

In their ancient capital of Rathess, they've recently been "enlightened" by various forbidden paths with the help of the Deathlord, Walker in Darkness.

As of Year 765, the Dragon Kings are quickly spreading the knowledge of the Forbidden Paths through the residents of Rathess, and mobilizing their forces to retake control of the East. In Ascending Water 765, they make their first major assaults, wiping out or enslaving many smaller settlements, as well as taking Nachera. It is also learned at this time that they have created some sort of ritual, artifact, or effect that allows them to turn Humans into lesser versions of the Dragon Kings. Occasionally, this transformation is complete, adding a new Dragon King to the fold.

The Five Forbidden Paths:

Originally created by Light's Valor in the First Age, as a means of granting the Dragon Kings additional strength, and a faster path to 'Enlightenment'. These paths were taught to 500 volunteers who would work outside of Creation in order to battle against the Fey who would threaten Creation.

Two paths were empowered by the Underworld: Blood and Void, Two were empowered by the Wyld: Ash and (???), and the last, Brass, was empowered by the prison-realm of Malfeas.

The Path of Blood:

  • apparently grants speed
  • drinking blood gives them powers, among them healing

The Path of Void:

  • Access to Necromancy, including drawing for motes of essence through pain and death.

The Path of Brass:

  • Grafted Weapons and Armor, made from Infernal Brass (Magical Material that comes from Malfeas)
  • Mastery of this Path leads to Dragon Kings that become more feral and savage, as opposed to more intelligent.

The Path of Ash:

  • ???

The Path of ???:

  • ???


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