House Rules

Heavy Weapons:

  • Increase the Overwhelming rating of all Heavy Weapons by +1.


  • using a shield permits full defense flurries, as published.
  • Using a shield increases your Soak by 2 (or by 3, if it is an artifact shield) but increases your Mobility penalty by 1 as well.
  • A Shield decreases a single Onslaught penalty per round by 1.
  • Using a shield while also wearing heavy armor has no effect on Soak or Mobility.


  • Attributes: 8/6/4 +1       Favored: 3 Caste, +1
  • Abilities: 25       Favored: Survival +1 other
  • Merits: 10
  • Charms 12
  • Bonus Points: 15
  • Essence 1: 16 Personal, 38 Peripheral

Lunars XP costs:

  • Caste/Favored Attribute increase: current rating x 3
  • Non-Caste/Non-Favored Attribute increase: current rating x 4
  • Ability increase: current rating x 2
  • New Ability:  3
  • Specialty:  3
  • Purchased Merit:  new rating x 3
  • Willpower:  8
  • Lunar Charm: 12 (10 if in a Caste or Favored Attribute)
  • Martial Arts Charm 11 (9 if Brawl is a Caste or Favored Ability)
  • Spell 11 (9 if Occult is a Caste or Favored Ability)
  • New Evocation 10

Charm Successes:

  • All charms that accrue successes for you to use later treat those as non-charm successes unless otherwise stated.

Specific Charm rules:

  • Mask of White Jade – Attempts to pierce the lunar's guile by mundane means recieve -2 dice instead of failing automatically.
  • Perfection of the Mockingbird - Attempts to pierce the lunar's disguise by mundane means recieve -3 dice instead of failing automatically.
  • Perfect Symmetry – The cost of this charm is now 3m/die added. 

Training Rules:

  • Players may have the following stats training at the same time:

    • 2 Attributes
    • 1 Ability or Specialty
    • 1 Charm, Martial Arts Charm, or Spell
    • 1 Merit
    • 1 Willpower
    • 1 Evocation


  • The 2nd and 4th dots of Linguistics grant you a language.

Inventing Charms and Abilities

  • You can train normal charms and abilities at 1/2 speed while training charms and abilities you're inventing at 1/6 speed


Eclipse Charms:

  • Ancestor's Blessed Intent (Essence 1; Cost 5m 1i; Type Simple; Keywords Eclipse, Psyche, Spirit; Duration Instant) Weaker ghosts often have little ability to affect the living world, but the minds of their allies give them a small window of influence.  With a burst of personal essence, a ghost can inspire and support their living descendants or allies in times of crisis.  Eclipse solars who make allies in the underworld can learn to mimic the way ghosts use their essence to inspire the living.  The player spends 5 essence and spends their entire action to give an ally a single move action out of turn.  Alternatively, the player may give an ally +3 to the ally's current initiative.  The target of this charm must be either blood-related, or able to see or hear the charm user.  This charm cannot be used to bring an ally out of crash, in such situations, the ally stops at 0 initiative.


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House Rules

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