House Rules

Heavy Weapons:

  • Increase the Overwhelming rating of all Heavy Weapons by +1.


  • Using a shield permits Full Defense flurries, as published.
  • A Shield decreases a single Onslaught Penalty per round by 1.
  • Using a shield increases your Soak by 2 (or by 3, if it is an artifact shield) but increases your Mobility penalty by 1 as well
  • Using a shield while also wearing heavy armor has no effect on Soak or Mobility.


  • Attributes: 8/6/4 +1       Favored: 3 Caste, +1
  • Abilities: 25       Favored: Survival +1 other
  • Merits: 10
  • Charms 12
  • Bonus Points: 15
  • Essence 1: 16 Personal, 38 Peripheral

Lunars XP costs:

  • Caste/Favored Attribute increase: current rating x 3
  • Non-Caste/Non-Favored Attribute increase: current rating x 4
  • Ability increase: current rating x 2
  • New Ability:  3
  • Specialty:  3
  • Purchased Merit:  new rating x 3
  • Willpower:  8
  • Lunar Charm: 12 (10 if in a Caste or Favored Attribute)
  • Martial Arts Charm 11 (9 if Brawl is a Caste or Favored Ability)
  • Spell 11 (9 if Occult is a Caste or Favored Ability)
  • New Evocation 10

Charm Successes:

  • All charms that accrue successes for you to use later treat those as non-charm successes unless otherwise stated.

Specific Charm Rules:

  • Mask of White Jade – Attempts to pierce the lunar's guile by mundane means recieve -2 dice instead of failing automatically.
  • Perfection of the Mockingbird - Attempts to pierce the lunar's disguise by mundane means recieve -3 dice instead of failing automatically.
  • Perfect Symmetry – The cost of this charm is now 3m/die added. 

Training Rules:

  • Players may have the following stats training at the same time:

    • 2 Attributes
    • 1 Ability or Specialty
    • 1 Charm, Martial Arts Charm, or Spell
    • 1 Merit
    • 1 Willpower
    • 1 Evocation
  • Others can help speed training time. By rolling Charisma+Lore, they can assist as follows: Helping decreases the necessary training time by  20%, each success increases the reduction by 10% until 50%, then it increases by 5% until 70%, and thereafter each success increases by 1%.  A maximum of 100% would result in 1 hour of training.   No retconjuration except by GM fiat.

    • Base: 20%
    • 1 Success: 30%
    • 3 Successes: 50%
    • 4 Successes: 55%
    • 7 Successes: 70%
    • 8 Successes: 71%
    • and so on…


  • The 2nd and 4th dots of Linguistics grant you an additional language.

Inventing Charms and Abilities:

  • You can train normal charms and abilities at 1/2 speed while training charms and abilities you're inventing at 1/6 speed

Martial Arts:

  • After buying the Martial Arts merit, the character can learn a single martial arts style and gain dots in the Martial Arts ability.  
  • New Martial Arts Styles can be purchased for the price of a 1 dot merit, instead of buying an entire new ability for the style. 
  • Charms are purchased as normal with your martial arts ability dots counting as the prereqs for the Charms of other styles.


Crafting is based on the 2nd edition rules.

  • Air
    calligraphy, jewelry-making, creating precision instruments, and glassblowing
    (making small, decorative, or high precision items)
  • Earth
    masonry, stone cutting, creating earthworks
    (creating buildings and large objects of stone and earth)
  • Fire
    blacksmithing and making ceramics
    (forging and casting large metal objects and creating objects using fire)
  • Water
    cooking, brewing, leather working, pharmacy and poison making
    (boiling and cooking plants, chemicals, and animal materials)
  • Wood
    carpentry, weaving, paper-making, flower arranging
    (carving, weaving, and manipulating natural materials)

Advanced Crafts:

  • Artifact
  • Geomancy
  • Magitech/First Age Artifice
    To represent the necessary understanding of precise engineering and the arcane substances used in First Age devices, the character must have two dots each in Craft (Air) and Craft (Fire), at least one dot in another Craft form before she can learn this exacting discipline, and 3 dots in Craft (Artifact). Furthermore, her rating in Craft (Magitech) cannot be higher than her Lore rating.

Someone with Craft (Magitech) 1 can perform basic maintenance and repair on simple Shogunate-era devices. Someone with Craft (Magitech) 3 can use schematics to build an implosion bow from scratch (provided he has the components). Someone with Craft (Magitech) 5 can design and build entirely original First Age-style devices and weapons systems, including items never seen before in Creation.

  • Genesis
    This Ability is required to create or modify life, encompassing detailed studies of bio-Essence templates, mutagenic radiation, inheritance profiles, interspecies compatibility serums, organic alchemy and more. Characters may not have a higher rating in Craft (Genesis) than the lowest of their Lore, Medicine or Occult ratings.  In the epoch before mankind, Dragon Kings used this Craft to make their vegetative technology
  • Necrotech - It always involves using organic and inorganic elements, even if the final product includes no metal plates, joints or the like. As a result, the Craft roll to create a work of necrotech uses the lower of a character’s Medicine and Craft (Fire). Furthermore, the necrosurgeon must possess both Medicine and Craft (Fire) in order to understand the elements necessary to make necrosurgery successful. Two characters who each have one Ability but lack the other cannot cooperate on a single necrotech procedure.



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House Rules

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