The Tardy Circle

In Which Several People Come to the Conclusion That There's Something Wrong With Us

Ascending Water 765: also, goddamned sidereals

23 Moonsday (night):

Debate about Shinnosuke continues.  After an explosion, people question whether he's even alive.  Eventually Féard tells Shinnosuke via Infallible Messenger that if he doesn't come back Light's Valor is going to call in his Dragon King friends in the Wyld to come wreck shit if he doesn't come back in 12 hours.

Kazu practices his evil laugh for when Shinnosuke shows up.  Shinnosuke listens to the Circle talk about what to do when Shinnosuke shows up.  Eventually Shinnosuke decides he can't kill Kazu and lacks the courage to kill himself now.

The White Fox was listening to the conversation and told everyone she(?) wished to be called Bianca.  She thought Shinnosuke should give it time and said that a friend was arriving anyways.

Much to Kazu and the Darkening Sky's confusion, Harmony arrives by way of Stormwind Rider from a sorcerer he hired.  Everybody else thought this was all according to plan.  Féard insisted this is what Harmony told them he would do, DS insisted that, no, that plan was to go to Nechara and Kazu would go from there to pick up Harmony and why would he lie to him and Kazu if this had been the plan all along.  Needless to say, DS and Kazu were confused and didn't know why everyone insisted this was the plan.

24 Mercurysday:

That morning, everyone goes to Nechara by way of Stormwind Rider.  On the way the see a legion of Dragon Kings, around a dozen big dudes, and what appeared to be a high enligheted of the Void being carried on a palanquin, as well as 1000 slaves.  Needless to say, Hai'li wanted to save them.  More debate ensues, the sorcerer leaves with the Rathess notes and suggests we're insane and need help, also help if we plan to fight the army.  Discussion was had about groups that could be asked for help.

Hai'li goes to a nearby tribe of Raptormen and asks for help.  Eventually a scout is brought back to the Circle where Kazu and Harmony could speak their language.  All three go back to ask the elders for help and Hai'li's mentor Monkey shows up.  The Raptormen agreed to help as long as their only role was as a distraction.  Monkey was cranky to discover there was an Abyssal with them and asked to go back with them to talk to DS.

Monkey talked to DS, trying to find out why he should be trust (p.s. he shouldn't) and came to the conclusion the Circle was cracked.  He agreed to go talk to the wood-bloods to see if they'd help.



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