The Tardy Circle

In Which Talking Was Interrupted With Some Action

Ascending Water 765: Harmony had clothing try to choke him to death again

26, Marsday:

The plan is implemented.  Harmony and Hai'li infiltrate the Dragon King camp.  They find out Féard's dad and uncle are on the same string and discuss with each other how to get the group out.  Hai'li leaves to tell Monkey and Seven.  Harmony sticks around waiting to get into the necromancer's tent.  Eventually Seven and Monkey show up as rocs and make off with the string of people.  Dragon Kings freak out and when the necromancer comes out to see what the commotion is, Harmony sneaks in.  He finds Shinnosuke's cloak hanging on a rack, his bow and arrowheads on a table protected by some kind of ward, and two chests, one of them locked.  He opened the chest to find a smaller box carefully placed inside, three ritual daggers, and some pouches.

He grabbed the cloak only for it to suddenly be different and start to try and strangle him, though his own artifact scarf protected him from the worst of it.  He eventually grabbed one of the daggers and pried the strangling cloak off.  He then grabbed the other daggers and the box and shoved them into Hai'li's artifact bag, putting them into Elsewhere.  He then waited for the necromancer to return to his tent, slipping out when the necromancer opened the tent flap.  He met up with Kazu to let him know he was finished and didn't need a distraction.  Everyone went back to where Féard was building some boats.  Kazu left with Monkey to Stormwind Rider him off to Makalanka while the others went by boat back to Great Forks. 

Resplendant Water 1, Sunsday:

The Circle passes by Nechara, surprisingly there wasn't much of a fight about not invading to save Féard's mom, aunt, and little brother.

4, Venusday:

The White Fox shows up to tell Harmony that Shinnosuke's exaltation already has a new owner, and someone he had met previously.  Hai'li pounces in to see what the fox wants and the fox disappears much to Hai'li's irritation.  Harmony relays what the fox told him, adding that the new owner, Xian Lin, had once tried to kidnap him to sell as a slave when he was in one of his disguises.  Hai'li doesn't react well.  Seven assures her that sometime's not-nice people are chosen because they have the skills Nights need, so maybe this woman has reformed.   Seven would be happy to help kill her if it turns out she need killing.

Kazu shows up saying the Lookshy delegation is showing up the next morning and that they want everyone there and that the boat won't make it in time.  He leaves with Harmony and Hai'li.  That evening, Hai'li finds out from Harmony where to find Xian Lin and the gang "The Bone Parade."  An old man in that part of town desperately tries to get Hai'li to leave, but after escorting him home she goes back to looking.  Some goons, telling Hai'li they know where to find the Bone Parade lure her into an alley.  With a flash of glowy tattoos, she convinces them not to mess with her and finds out where Xian Lin is.

They chat, Hai'li seemly convinced that the gang actually protects people and tells Harmony the next morning that Xian Lin was planning to confront Marilee Floros after she met with the Looksky delegation.

5, Marsday:

Marilee, Kazu, and Hai'li go to meet the delegation.  Marilee makes a bet with a bookie that the Circle will walk away.  Nezri, along with his comrades, arrive flashily in an airship


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