The Tardy Circle

In Which the Circle Causes Trouble, Some Of It Even By Accident

Ascending Water 765: You have to admit, it was a pretty good distraction

14, Saturnsday:

The Darkening Sky Which Heralds the Oncoming Storm has lunch with the Sijanese delegates.  He tries to inform them as to the true nature of the Abyssal Exalted, they still insist on saying he's blessed.  They send a letter to Harmony informing him that the Darkening Sky isn't being blessed enough.

Akamura and Hai'li try to help out in one of the slums.  Akamura healing those who accept his help, Hai'li became very offended at the slave trade.  She bought a man out of slavery which lead to a mob of people trying to convince her they needed help too.  This lead to a mother, desperate because her son was press ganged by a dragon-blooded captain to be one of his rowers.  Hai'li gathered together everyone int he Circle she could to ask Captain Remo to free the boy and his friends.  The captain, though baffled, agreed.  He later sent a letter to Harmony asking what his deal was and what he hoped to get out of freeing some of his slaves.

Harmony went to the Abrogassu Clan to sell them the information he got from Mayhiros.  As coincidence would have it, when he left, he distracted the tail they sent on him by throwing some of the money at the youths Hai'li just rescued from slavery.

Later, when Harmony returns to the hotel, he finds many letters:

  • The afore mentioned letter from the Sijanese
  • The letter from the baffled captain 
  • An Immaculate monk who wants him to repent.
  • A letter from some people asking for help in the feud between their gods. (He sent Kazu to deal with it.)
  • A letter and a fruit basket from Aria, offering to help if his employees wanted more people they could help.
  • A letter from the House of Glorious Grace, wondering what he hoped to accomplish by buying slaves.

People sent gifts and were singing to Hai'li outside her window, and after she went off to wave at them, Maheka Nezri stormed in.  He accused them of being a distraction so no one would notice that Abrogassu and Mayhiros were starting some kind of feud and their camps were on fire.  Harmony was relieved that Hai'li wasn't around at the moment.

The session ended on a cliff hanger, as Harmony, DS, Hai'li adn Akamura went with Nezri and his dragon-blooded companions to see what was happening at 


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