The Tardy Circle

In Which There Was A Lot Of Talking

Ascending Water 765: So many bad ideas

24 Mercurysday (night) to 25 Venusday (dawn):

Harmony and Shinnosuke go sneaking into the Dragon King camp.  Things get off to a bad start when Shinnosuke fails to climb a tree, but this doesn't stop them from their mission.  Harmony realizes there's a commotion a bit later around one of the command tents.  Upon investigation, he finds Shinnosuke has been captured and is being interrogated.   Harmony initially tries to get Shinnosuke's stuff back, but has to flee before he's discovered.

Hai'li and Monkey go to a Wood Court and convince them to help.

Kazu arrives at Great Forks and hands over some letters.  Harmony's mother is upset by his sudden disappearance and sends a letter back with Kazu, informing him to tell Harmony to read it as if she's yelling.  Kazu gives a report to Talespinner and gets some letters back saying Great Forks doesn't approve of our actions.  In a secret missive, they still disapprove and think we shouldn't do it, but Weaver of Dreams of Victory is willing to bless us if we insist.  Kazu then gives his shield to Dayshield's temple, telling them it her's to do with as she wishes if he's not back in 72 hours to retrieve it.

The Circle talks into the night deciding what to do.  Some people think we need to save Shinnosuke, some people think that can wait until the main attack, some people think that Shinnosuke is already as good as dead and that everyone else will die as well if we attack the Dragon Kings.  Eventually, Hai'li goes to fly over the encampment to see if she can spot Shinnosuke and around dawn sees his tortured corpse being thrown into the midden heap.  She rushes back crying.  The Circle is almost convinced that it's suicide to attack, until Féard discovered his father is alive and is with the captured Necharans.  This decides Hai'li that the Circle had to save them.  Kazu and Monkey had a sneaky conversation.  Kazu also gave DS his orichalcum longfang telling DS that he would be able to make more use of it in the battle than Kazu would.

Monkey wasn't happy about hearing about the ritual for turn humans into Dragon Kings and was going to talk to Raksi about what it was doing.  When questioning the Neverborn with Whispers, DS got something that roughly translated to "short answer is most die and return to the cycle, some stay behind."


XP minimums as of the end of Session 17:

assuming your character hasn't died, these are before any bonus XP you may have earned:

XP: 51  

"Solar" XP: 34 XP


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