The Tardy Circle

In Which There Was Even More Talking

Ascending Water 765: New plan. We might actually survive!

25 Venusday (dawn):

When we last left our intrepid Circle, various plans were being made.  Some of them had better survival rates then others.  

Kazu returned with Seven.  On the way, he discovered Nechara was an occupied city and the Dragon Kings were doing some kind of construction.  Eventually, upon hearing that Monkey would only stick around for a day or two, people decided that taking on the army to save all the humans might not be the best idea and came up with a plan to just save Féard's family.  People rested while Féard rested so he could contact his dad again and find out how much of his family was there.  Once that was determined, the Lunars would swoop in an swipe who they needed

26 Marsday:

Féard finds out only his uncle is with his dad, and that they volunteered to come


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