The Tardy Circle

In Which Things Happen in Nexus

Resplendent Water 765: A trip to Nexus

17, Mercuryday:

Hai'li talks with Harmony about slavery and then goes to talk to some abolitionists to find out their stances.  Kazu shows up to take her to Nexus so they can talk to the Emissary and Nexus' council.  They were told the council only met once a week and they  would be in session on Jupitersday.

Before they left for Nexus, Hai'li gave the Abyssal Hearthstone she got from the solar ghost in Nexus to DS.

Kazu went to talk to the solar ghost to perform the ritual Kazu promised and talked a bit about how the Realm was formed and how the Scarlet Empress managed to use the Sword of Creation.  Feard got to examine the lock to the ghost's vault.

At some point during the trip, they visited the slave market after Hai'li had a nightmare.  They bought six slaves on the condition they'd work for Great Forks' army for two years and then would be freed.

20, Jupitersday:

Hai'li and Kazu talk to the Council of Nexus about making it more difficult to traffic "slaves of conquest."  One of the councillors said he'd write law for a 20% increase on such slaves and it return they asked if she could convince Ma-Ha-Suchi to let their caravans through his territory.  Kazu offered to summon some elementals for the defence of their water ways, but they declined unless he worked full time for them saying they already had sorcerers doing such. 

She agreed to try.  When they got back to Great Forks, Hai'li talked to Seven about talking to Ma-Ha-Suchi.


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