The Tardy Circle

It Begins

Descending Air 765: A Circle Gathers

A remarkable number of Celestial Exalts start arriving in Great Forks during Descending Air 765.

Perhaps even more remarkably, many of them seem to end up at the family compound of Harmony of Intent.

Over the course of dinner on the 27th, Harmony of Intent's Lunar wife convinces the newly arrived Full Moon Lunar, Peleps Hai'li, to participate in a ritual that will teach Hai'li one of Seven Deadly Virtues forms so Hai'li can occasionally impersonate Harmony's wife.  The ritual will be held the next full moon.


Later that night, a few people heard a surprisingly loud argument from the stables. Upon investigation it was discovered that Darkness had gotten into a rather passionate argument with the stablemaster over whether northern or eastern reindeer were cuter.

It Begins


It Begins

Not sure which one is cuter, but eastern reindeer taste better.

It Begins
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