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Ascending Water 765: Join Us Now...In the Past!

13, Jupitersday (night):

Unbeknownst to the spies, Kazu, the Darkening Sky, and Féard decided they hadn't had enough screen time so went tomb robbing, I mean, sight seeing in Nexus.  After hearing there were six First-Age Solar tombs, they decided to go check out the Tomb of Keening Spirits.

While the tomb was guarded (mostly to keep people out), they didn't have much trouble jumping up on the wall and not being noticed.  Kazu and DS went to pick a fight with the ghosts while Féard went to look for a door in the tomb.  While the battle wasn't too difficult, both Kazu and the Oncoming Storm went iconic during the battle, giving Nexus a nice show of two dragons fighting one another.  This was also a bat-signal for Hai'li, who rushed over to see what sort of trouble was going on.  Akamura was also concerned about the Anathema Kazu seemed to be fighting, so after leaving a note for Harmony, he also rushed off to the tomb.  The Emissary was also a spectator for these events.  

Hai'li, when she arrived, dove down to Kazu's shoulder.  While Akamura stayed hidden in the shadows, the Emissary dropped down for a chat with him.  The Emissary observed to Akamura that they were breaking 3 city ordinances, one of which was noise pollution, and upholding another.  Either way, he didn't care enough to interfere.  The Emissary also mentioned not trusting Akamura's previous incarnation.

Meanwhile, Féard found the door to the tomb which had been blocked off by cement.  He used the Demonforge to make a sledgehammer which DS used to break down the wall.   They went in, Kazu layed the Dragon-blooded ghosts guarding the tomb to rest, and then they figured out where to go next.  Féard used the Demonforge to make some rope so they could climb down the hole to the burial chamber.  While DS had hoped to stay on top to guard, Hai'li made it clear she wanted him down there thank-you-very-much.

They had a chat with the Solar ghost who wanted to atone for his misdeeds in life by protecting the ghosts from Hollow, the city that stood before Nexus.  Kazu decided not to lay the ghost to rest since he wanted to stay.  During the conversation, Kazu's previous incarnation asserted himself, who the ghost called Light's Valor.  He also called Hai'li "Hope" and observed they were together again.

Kazu/Light's Valor performed the rights the ghost wanted and agreed that he, or someone else, would be sent to perform them again.  The ghost asked Hai'li and Kazu/Light's Valor if they trusted DS.  He gave Kazu an artifact spear and Hai'li a heartstone to give DS if she ever decided to trust him, looking significantly at the very large door behind him.  They left, but the ghost said he wanted to talk to Dark Storm, who stayed.  The ghost got some idea of what DS was, decided to trust him for now, and told him to find Lytek (whoever that was, the ghost was disappointed in modern education and chose not to elaborate.)

At the top of the pit, Kazu didn't remember what happened.  He found it distressing.  Féard then used to coffins to build a door to the tomb.

Harmony got a letter from Aria insisting he tell her what his group was up to.  They concerned him because the only thing he knew at the time was spying, being unaware of the other's adventure.


14, Saturnsday (again):

They went to see the ruckus in the Marukan camps.  The Abrogassu went to the camp to find out about the Mayhiros plotting and a fire started.  Mayhiros insisted Abrogassu set the fire, Abrogassu insisted that the younger brother did.  Harmony determined the younger brother's denials were lies, but either way, the proof had gone up in smoke so they had no way to determine Mayhiros' shady dealings.  Harmony observed that the other part of the correspondence might be in Wagasu, Nezri wondered why Harmony would think he, an ambassador, would have a spy capable of not being caught.  They could talk about it tomorrow if they wanted.


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