Harmony of Intent

Merchant Prince-in-Training | Thief of Secrets


Surprise Anticipation Method — Harmony is made aware of danger: hidden enemies, trap, or any source of harm not readily apparent, even while asleep.

Watchman’s Infallible Eye — Harmony is made aware of when he should be using either a case scene or profile character.

Seasoned Criminal Method (defaults to): Dissonance: Magistrates or other officials seeking to establish her identity suffer a -2 penalty to their Bureaucracy and Investigation actions. Persons who do not know her personally but may have spotted her or seen her hanging around the scene of a crime find her unrecognizable and cannot remember doing so.

Keen Sight, Hearing, and Touch: Harmony maintains both charms constantly, following their special activation rules, and by the rules of Surprise Anticipation Method, their current committed motes cost is only 1 each.

Harmony of intent is a rather androgynously featured man in the prime of life, with thick curly white hair, eyes of milky blue, and the rangy look of the cloud-blooded. He is a charming, graceful sort, but with few distinguishing features. He sometimes smells odd, due to dabbling in perfumes and an interest in cooking.


Harmony of Intent is the scion of the House of Intent, a trading house relying on a long-standing arrangement that brings in goods from the south to the markets of Great Forks. A recently married man in the prime of his life, he and his family have just returned to the city after almost a year away. He seems rather bewildered by his recent change in circumstances, not only his new bride but having hired on both a Zenith and a Dusk as bodyguards.

He works for Waiting Intently, his family’s business, often seen out and about in the city to evaluate or purchase property, acting as landlord to tenants of the various holdings of the business, and as a distributor of family largesse to various recipients of Evening Mist’s favour.

Harmony of Intent

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