Marilee Floros


A spare woman with the blue almost scaled skin of certain southern tribes, usually wrapped in robes that at least partially cover her face. She is as graceful and sinuous as a serpent, with an easy charm that serves her well as an Eclipse-caste Solar Exalt.


Marilee Floros is a relative newcomer to Great Forks, and her Riverspeech bears the crackling, crisp consonants of the deep South city of Paragon from which she hails. Having been an agent of the Perfect of Paragon in good standing, she exalted in his service, but dealings on his part with the Realm ultimately meant she was sent away to fulfill some other destiny.

That destiny has now led her to Great Forks, where she has placed her talents as a diplomat at the service of the city’s ruling deific triumvirate. They clearly have reason to value her, as her first assignment on behalf of the City is to represent them at the Convocation of Rivers in Nexus this year, as part of a display of growing power engineered by the trio.

She is not seen out and about in the city at all, and speculation runs rife in the absence of any evidence. She does not answer a lot of personal questions (details of her service to the Perfect are an entirely closed book, for example), but seems to be ready to work hard on behalf of her newly-adopted home.

Marilee Floros

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