Minor NPCs

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Intent Family

Worthy Intent — Harmony’s Grandfather
Bequi — Herbalist in the employ of Worthy Intent
Delphia Shan Ye — Intent House Factor at Oxbow (trade terminus north of dreaming sea).

Confederation of Rivers

Great Forks:
Mysterious Melody — a woman that survived the Doomsday Vault, with apparently both her mind and soul intact and unwarped. How she survived when just about everyone else lost their higher souls is unknown. DS and Kazu brought her to Great Forks to see if she could be healed. Was seven years old when the Doomsday Vault was sealed during the Great Contagion.

Captain Shi-Renn of the Jade Falcon — Fire aspect Dragonblood
Yushoto Hanaiko — Hanako and Aiko, twin Wood Aspected Dragonbloods bound so they know what the other is experiencing
Teresu Korra — Senior Ambassador from Lookshy to Great Forks
Sokka — a lieutenant of the Wyld Hunt.

Alaine — Chaian Representative

The Guild:

“We Are Sijan” — Sijan Representatives

Marukan Clans:
Pax – Marukan representing Sejong
Roderick – Marukan representing Turrin.
Dumayl – Yesunshin Chief (formerly feuding with Mayhiros)
Unnar – Yesunshin son of Dumayl, who was accused of killing the Mayhiros boy.
Adar – Abrogassu (didn’t want Wagasu in for religious reasons).
Peder – Mayhiros Clan Chief
Clifton – Mayhiros Clan Chief’s brother (deceased)
Orvin – Wagasu Chieftan

The North
Trivaal — a Lunar Anathema of great charm, who favors the Roc as a form, has a Dragonblood cult, and has earned Nezri’s eternal grudge.

Land of Death
Captain Alaine of the Ferrymen.

The Wyld
Sophie — A Raksha that played with the inhabitants of the Doomsday Vault. Was upset with the Circle for killed Gregor Yushen


Minor NPCs

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