The Darkening Sky Which Heralds the Oncoming Storm

The Edgiest of Edgelords


Age: Appears in his early 20’s
Hair: Short and Silvery-white
Eyes: Golden Orange
Skin: Pale
Height: 6’8"
Anima Banner: Black clouds so dark that the world around them seems faintly luminous by contrast. Within the clouds soars a dragon that appears to be made of flickering gray and purple lightning.

He’s always seen wearing soulsteel reinforced breastplate artifact armor, which along with his height and muscular build, make him a rather imposing figure. Stoic and expressionless, he always speaks in an indifferent monotone (no matter how hard it is for his player to stop giggling.)

His preferred weapons are spears and other polearms.

Caste: Dusk
Supernal Ability: Martial Arts
Known Martial Arts:
White Reaper Style

The Oncoming Storm
The Darkening Sky
Herald of the Oncoming Storm
(Commander) Dark Storm
Forsaken (which is accurate enough)
Soulsteel (mostly by Seven Deadly Virtues)
Lord Scary (as christened by one of Harmony of Intent’s housekeepers)
Lord Death-face (7 Deadly Virtues)
Tall Dark and Gloomy (Lori)
(Lord) Darkness
Herald of Darkness
Better than Coffee (Harmony)
Lord Spooky
DS (Seven)
Pretty (Hai’li)
Storm (Harmony)
Lord Dark and Stormy (Hai’li)
Dark Lord Stormy
Sparky Dark Star (GM)
Very Long Darkening Sky Title (Nezri)
Dark Star (Hai’li misspoke)
The Darkening Sky Which Heralds the New Dawn (Kazu and GM after Circle ritual)
Dark Sky (Random Small God)
Storm Lord (same Random Small God)
The God Who Doesn’t Smile. No, Not Even Then (Kviik)
The God of Darkness and Storms and Skies (Kviik)
The Herald (Harmony)


Man, WTF is an Abyssal doing here?

Kazu announced to everyone (at the table at the time) that his master was the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears. And got the Oncoming Storm to admit he left because he “realized he could.”

Recently acquired a mouse named Kviik.

The Darkening Sky Which Heralds the Oncoming Storm

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